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The lights are low. The gin is in great supply. And in the smoky depths of a 50s London gay bar, the band are playing your favourite hits. 

Brimming with vivacious wit, a bit of bravado and some downright silliness, Earnest is an audacious reimagining that blasts the cobwebs off Oscar Wilde's classic text - The Importance of Being Earnest.  Bringing the beloved play to life is a sprightly all-male cast, a sexy live band, and the greatest hits of Cher (yes, Cher!).

Fractious Tash (Confessions, Titus) and Last Tapes Theatre Company (The Last Five Years, Verbatim) have joined forces to shed new light on a classic - to show audiences that Earnest may not be the story they think they know. With a wink and a nod, Earnest is about celebrating the gay rights movement as it is now in New Zealand, while acknowledging what it has taken to get there.

To get any production from its inception through to the final product costs money - after all, fabulous doesn't come for free. Your donation will help us to pay for our production costs. Whether it's $500 to cover our sound designer, or $50 towards the green velvet framing  our set, every little bit helps.

Your investment in our vision for this production, and our vision as theatre companies in New Zealand, helps us to do what we love and take the next step in our journey. And we appreciate it.

To show just how much we appreciate it we're making flowers. Above the stage, we'll be hanging ornate green carnations around our lights. For Earnest, these represent the flowers worn on the lapel of Oscar Wilde, later becoming a way for Victorian men to secretly indicate their homosexuality. For us, they also represent our gratitude to you.

"To lose one parent, Mr. Worthing, may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose both looks like carelessness!"

Presented in collaboration with Q Theatre
Supported by Hendricks Gin & Wallace Arts Trust

Fractious Tash

Explosive new theatre company Fractious Tash strides onto the Auckland Theatre scene with an electrifying production of Titus at Q theatre loft 29 May-8th June. Direction, Benjamin Henson. Performance, Paul Lewis, Cole Jenkins, James Roque, Eli Matthewson, Jason Hodzelmans, Jason Wu, and David Sutherland.

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