Andrew Fiaui

Drawing for Molly Morpeth

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Andrew Fiaui wishes to participate in the Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Award for Painting and Drawing with his Drawing. Andrew is currently using his passion for visual arts as a pathway to recover from depression and mental illness. 

Andrew dreams one day to make a living as a local artist in Whakatane and participating in the Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Award for 2016, a local Whakatane art award is the next step in his journey.

Andrew is running his Boosted campaign to fund the resources to produce and present his artwork at a professional level.

Currently he is using materials from his art classes to get started. However, ideally he needs to have his own materiasl so that he can work from home to prepare his work.

The costs involved to prepare Andrew's drawing for the exhibition total $200 and are made up of:

The Award Entry fee, framing of the artwork, paper, mechanical pencil, dust-free rubber, pencil grips, tracing paper, scissors and a ruler.

Having all these materials will allow Andrew to continue to produce high quality artwork that he can potentially exhibit and market, adding to his long term goal of being a practising artist.