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Down in Edin Magazine is an online quarterly journal that chronicles local stories with a national and global theme based in Dunedin and Otago.   

This beautiful journal is about the creative people who make music, art, literature, poetry, photography, with stories about the region's museums, wildlife, nature and sustainable lifestyles. 

All of the funds go toward as much of the production costs as possible over the next year.  The more we can raise the more we can pay for stipends for talented contributors - writers and photographers - and that helps everyone in the creative community.  Also, your assistance through this campaign contributes to our eligibility for future grants.

Discovering the common and diverse threads in our humanity through the stories of our creative journeys, love of place, and lifestyle choices that affect us wherever we are, Down in Edin is a visual feast, an oasis from fast bytes, fast food and fast living.  This is what we wish to continue  contributing to our local, national and global community. There is something for everyone interested in culture to resonate with in each issue - a beautiful painting or photograph, the story of a renowned author or musician, a promising young artist, what goes on in the region's museums, and an appreciation for the natural world we are so fortunate to have on our doorstep.

Thank you for your contributions!

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  • Thank you!


    A note of thanks and appreciation to everyone that has contributed and given support to Down in Edin Magazine in all the different ways possible.

    Onward and upward!  

    We are boosted thanks to you!  A new beautiful issue - 14 - is on its way - due out mid September!

    With love and gratitude,

    Caroline and the team at DIEM

    Thank you!
  • Thank you for the amazing boost!


    Feeling super uplifted with your generosity and fabulous boosts.

    Thank you so much for getting us over the bottom line, and thank you for your wonderful messages!  

    We still have over a week to keep on plugging on and see how high we can fly :-)  

    Have a brilliant and beautiful day!   

    Thank you for the amazing boost!
  • Many thanks for all your Boosts!


    We are just over half way through our Boosted Campaign and want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.

    Meanwhile, back at the office, we are in the midst of producing Issue 14 featuring some fabulous stories on New Zealand's wonderful writers, artists, poets, master crafts, adventurers...  that just happen to have a connection in one way or the other with Dunedin and Otago.  

    Due out mid September.  It will be beautiful :-)   

    All the best to you, and much appreciation!



    Many thanks for all  your Boosts!