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Ever wanted to help kick-start someones career and help them up-skill in areas of theatre they have always been interested but never got the chance to try out? Well now you can! Playhouse Productions NZ are a brand new theatre company heading into the 2015 New Zealand Fringe Festival with their first show Surgery In Mind.  The aim of Playhouse Productions NZ is to allow opportunities for people interested in theatre to up-skill and educate themselves from start to scratch about how to produce a theatre show. Each person in the team has worked many years in theatre, music and fashion and are now learning about different areas such as writing, directing, production management, stage management costume for theatre, composing for theatre and publicity among other things in order to advance their knowledge and their career.

Playhouse Productions NZ was formed in the middle of 2014 when Evangelina and Vanessa bonded over their mutual passion for theatre. After coffee chats and idea throwing, they decided to produce a work in the 2015 NZ Fringe Festival. Both girls have numerous skills and experiences in the theatre industry however, are taking on new challenges this season with writing, directing and producing Evangelina's latest play "Surgery In Mind". The girls then sought after a passionate design team to help with the production and have formed what is now known as Playhouse Productions NZ. The team can't wait to show their work to the 2015 Fringe festival artists and audiences.

The play

SURGERY IN MIND: Young Lena needs to have a tumour removed from her brain. She is put to sleep but wakes up in her mind's Underworld with a quest of discovery to complete. Through classical Greek figures that she battles and befriends, Lena learns about perception, emotion and choice but is it too late?

The project

As Playhouse Productions NZ are brand new, we are seeking $1000 from donors to help us put on this new work. We have been working on this for many months and would love to actually get it onto the Gryphon Theatre stage in February 2015.


  • We did it!


    As of this week and some EXTREMELY generous donors, we somehow have surpassed our goal. Thank you all so much who have donated, shared and put faith in us to create this work. We won't let you down!

    Please feel free to keep up to date with us on our Facebook page (Playhouse Productions NZ) to see what we are up to or what we have learnt so far. It's been an incredible rollercoaster and HUGE learning experience already and we can't wait to get this show into a theatre!

    If any of you are actually interested in seeing the show, please let us know! You can either book at or search SURGERY IN MIND on Eventfinda.

    Once again, thank you very much. If any of you would like to keep in contact with us or would like personal updates please email myself (Vanessa - Production Manager) at and I will be more than happy to let you know how it's all going.

    Many thanks,

    Playhouse Productions NZ

  • 10 days to go!


    Here's another update for you all!

    1. We have now had our very first read through, production meeting and rehearsal. It's amazing seeing it all finally come together after months and months of planning. We have such a talented bunch of cast and crew and can't wait to get it under way!

    2. We have just 10 days left of our campaign. HUGE thank you to all that have donated, especially to those anonymous donors and ones that do not personally know us. To think that you have enough faith and confidence in us to produce this without even knowing us is astounding and so rewarding. Thank you all so much!

    3. An event on Facebook is now also up and bookings are under way!

  • We are on our way!


    Thank you all so much who have already donated! We are well on our way and are about to begin rehearsals for Surger In Mind at Toi Poneke in Wellington. Just a quick update of what has been happening this week:

    1. We now have a poster! It's really cool and exciting and you should all look out for it!

    2. We are FINALLY confirming our rehearsal schedule and prodction scheule and talks are already underway with the FatG team about our tech day

    3. We've had some more donors which we are so thankful for!

    4. One of the songs (that's right, we are musical too) used in the show is pretty much completed


    We will keep you updated as the project goes on!

    - Love from the Playhouse Production NZ team