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Don Juan takes on Edinburgh

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Hello All You Beautiful People!

We have loved seeing your beautiful faces as we traveled throughout New Zealand with our very sexy, very French shows "Don Juan" and "Jekyll & Hyde". Now, we are very excited to spread our wings and take Don Juan on an OE to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

With a bit of theatre magic, you can help us get there. Just as you created the ocean for Don Juan and Scanarelli to flee from the bandits, and just as you hid them by forming a beautiful (and sexy) forest of umbrellas, many hands will make light work of our travel and accommodation costs in Edinburgh.

We've already raised over $60,000 towards our trip through grants and touring, but we're still a bit short on covering our on-the-ground costs to make it possible. This last little bit will really help to pay for somewhere to sleep, our microphone hire costs so we can rip into our badass version of Beyonce, and paying our publicity costs so we're not playing to empty houses.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the biggest festival of its kind in the world. We are taking Don Juan there to keep developing and growing the show. While we're there, there is the opportunity to show it to hundreds of people just like you who love to be part of something big, bold and joyful together. Edinburgh also offers us the chance to show the work to venues and festivals from around the world.

Just as we've developed our style as we've toured NZ, we think travelling overseas will do the same, and most importantly, the more we work we can find through touring, the more likely it is we can create amazing new shows for you here in NZ.

Remember, giving is sexy. Anything you can give is very helpful and so appreciated.

PS>> Let us know where you are in NZ (or anywhere in the world) and we'll do our best to come visit you in your hometown.


  • Episode 4: waiting...waiting...waiting...


    Hello beautiful people! Here is our final episode in our Boost-us-to-Edinburgh escapades because we are so close. Only 13 days left and about $3500 to go. It's a nail-biting finish! Who will we leave behind if we don't get there?!
    Thank you to all the gorgeous people who have donated already, we are so grateful and completely overwhelmed by your generosity and support of our crazy scheme to get to Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We love you very much and we promise to come back (assuming Bastien can get back into the country…)

  • Episode 3: we make calculated plans...


  • Episode 2: we get packing!


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