Hannah Darroch

Doctor of Music at McGill University

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Next month Hannah is relocating to Montréal, Québec. After spending the last four years in Wellington freelancing as a flutist, working in arts administration, and teaching; the time has come for her to spread her wings.

She has been accepted into the Doctor of Music programme at McGill University - the only flutist to gain a place there this year. 

Why Montréal?

One of the biggest deciding factors in choosing graduate schools as a performance major is always the teacher.

I'll be studying with legendary flutist Timothy Hutchins, who has been Principal Flute of the Montréal Symphony since 1978. He's the flute player on all of the famous recordings of that orchestra that I listened to as an undergraduate. He's also played with the New York Philharmonic, Boston Symphony, World Philharmonic, and the World Orchestra for Peace. 

I can't believe my luck!

It's a three-year course, with elements of solo performance, ensemble playing (orchestral and small groups), academic work, lecture recitals, and a thesis based on my chosen area of research. 

Where will your Donation Go?

Based on the ranking of my live audition, I was offered a scholarship from the University that covers the bulk of my annual tuition fees. When I arrive next month I'll be met with a bill for the remainder of my tuition, additional course fees for the semester, and health insurance. 

Anything you can give towards this huge undertaking is very much appreciated.

I can't wait to learn new skills, make new connections, and strengthen the industry here in New Zealand by returning home with this knowledge. 

You can find out more about me by reading my profile.

Thank you for your support of New Zealanders in the arts!



  • Week 3 - We Made Target!


    With 8 days left on the clock, we've reached 111%!

    Giant hugs to all of the amazing people who've joined the party and donated to the campaign - I'm really overwhelmed!

    In less than 2 weeks I'll be flying to Canada, with a few weeks to sort myself out before classes start. Paying that first fees bill at the end of August is going to be a lot less stressful thanks to all of you. 

    The last time I was in Montreal it was the middle of winter - I was there for a week in February for the live audition/interview. The pic below is me standing on the snowy steps to the School of Music. That big grin is the same one I've got on right now! 

    If you'd still like to donate, feel free! Anything raised over the 100% mark will still go towards my health insurance and study-related expenses over the 3-year course. Any tiny amount helps! #8DaysLeft

    Hannah x

    Week 3 - We Made Target!
  • Week 1 - French Practice and Many Thank Yous


    One week into the campaign, and we've reached 30% of the target!

    A huge thank you to all of the wonderful people who've donated to the project so far - I've been blown away by the generosity. Friends I haven't seen in many years, parents of old school friends, former teachers, work colleagues, people with 2 degrees of separation, and my nearest and dearest. I hadn't really factored in the heartwarming feeling of reconnection that Boosted would also set in motion!

    And to those completely anonymous donors, who didn't list an email for me to send a personal message to - you are wonderful people, and I would love to thank you in person one day!

    I spent last week playing piccolo for the NZSO - a giant piece by French composer Olivier Messiaen. Luckily for me this meant I could double up on some much-needed French language practice at the same time! The DMus course will be mostly in English, but Montreal is very much a bilingual city. There's a photo of the music below - that's what bird song looks like when it's written down! Life of a flutist...

    Now here's to keeping this campaign Boosting! #22DaysLeft

    Hannah x

    Week 1 - French Practice and Many Thank Yous