Cath Cocker

Die Reuckkehr der Sternbrunnen

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I am creating star lightboxes to be situated in the back of the fountains in the Octagon.

These boxes will include the constellations Matariki (Pleiades) and the star Puaka (Rigel). The opening of which runs proudly in conjunction with the Otago Museum Planetarium.  There are 2 fountains in the Octagon The Top Fountain and the Lower Fountain. 

I am very excited about the prospect of seeing these projects realised, as they have been a long time coming. 

All the donations will go toward production including materials and services and every last dollar counts.

A little bit of Dunedin History

On May 2nd 1963 in Dunedin, the Star Fountains were opened in the Octagon, marking the centenary of the evening Star newspaper. They danced, they sang and they spoke - unfortunately they spoke in German (for a good 15 minutes) and nobody understood a word. 

Die Rueckkehr der Sternbrunnen (The Return of the Star Fountain) is a playful reminder of a Dunedin, a New Zealand, and a Star Fountain that has been lost in time. Bringing a contemporary twist to the original fountain, Die Rueckkehr der Sternbrunnen will be created from LED lights and stainless steel, the Pleiades (Maatariki) and Rigel (Puaka), the stars that helped early Polynesian people through the seas will be prominent amongst the other constellations that hold significance through the stories and myths of our many cultures that make up modern Dunedin. The constellations will be seen shimmering through the water from dusk until dawn.


Thank you very much for your time on reading this.


Photo credit 1: Chris Reid

Photo credit 2: Cath Cocker



  • Progress For Project


    Thank you everyone , anonymous and known , thank you so much for your support , I really appreicate it !

    I would also like to thank Brent Fon from Motor Units Auto Electricians Wellington for donating LED strip lights  ! he is a gem!

    Also Rietvelds, Steel and Tube, Valley Industries the Otago Polytechnic (Design school)  Sheet Metalcraft, Otago Sheetmetal and Mitchell Stout for all your advice and support .

     I am very pleased to announce that due to an exciting new turn of events, this project will now be opening in the dark of winter, with the 2016 Matariki and I would love to see you all here in Dunedin, for the opening.

    thank you all again

    cath cocker

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