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David and Matt go to EDINBURGH

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David Correos and Matt Stellingwerf are going to the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Heck yeah! These two Kiwi comics who represent the full spectrum of comedy, from David's actual nonsense to Matt's actual sense, are taking their show Chaos & Order to the world's biggest, and probably most expensive, fringe festival.

David (2016 Billy T Award Winner) and Matt (2015 & 2016 Billy T Award Nominee) have secured a space at the famous Gilded Balloon, the venue which launched the careers of NZ comedy royalty Flight of the Conchords and Rhys Darby. Known for its strong comedy programme, it offers the perfect place to get noticed, find and develop audiences.

With plenty of experience under their belt at home, and an exciting product that has the chance to cut through in a crowded market, this is an incredible opportunity for two young comics to find their feet on an international stage.

The catch is, of course… the cost. The venue hire alone is over $5,000, then there's flights, accommodation, living costs. And that's before we even look at design, marketing, printing, press fee and the technical costs.

There is also the amount David has to spend on various paints, cat foods, condoms, milk and cinnamon for each show.

If you could even donate enough so we can get the additional mop & bucket we'll need to clean up at the end of the show that would be great.

We'd really appreciate any help getting these two dynamic and diverse comics to Edinburgh, David will definitely/maybe lick you face if he sees you.


  • Thanks so far, just five days left!


    David wanted to say thanks to all those who have generosly donated so far. He's been doing some extra jobs to get some cash together also...

    Please help spread the word, we really want to get over the line by Friday!!

    Thanks so far, just five days left!
  • Here's where David is now...


  • David is legit loosing it...


    Hey all, from some relatively sane beginnings;

    Here's where David is now...


    We just need the last push, any donatings would be super great, thanks to everyone who has so far we really appreciate it!