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Dark Horse Cabaret Presents: Grimm

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Pushing the boundaries of cabaret and taking it to new theatrical heights!

From the creator and producer of the celebrated Lilly Loca's Vaudeville Cabaret comes Dark Horse Cabaret Presents: Grimm. It's resides within the darker edge of cabaret, revolved around the twisted fairy tales of The Brothers Grimm.

Who is Va-Va-Voom Productions?

Va-Va-Voom Productions aims to create vivacious and unique cabaret, burlesque & vaudeville to entertain audiences in Auckland and around New Zealand

Our ethos:

It is Va-Va Voom Productions desire to create innovative and creative works, pushing the boundaries of what everyone's interpretation of "cabaret" is and seeing how maluable it can be. With Dark Horse Cabaret Presents: Grimm - this is no exception.

The project: 

Using a cast of expert multidisciplinary New Zealand artists including Lilly Loca (Vaudeville) Leda Petit (Burlesque) Chris Olwage (Dancer) Samuel Christopher (Actor) Jess Sayer & Robin Kelly (Songstress & Musician) Ivan the Red & Pandora Cherie (Circus) we will take the tales and characters of The Brothers Grimm and give them a new lease of life through performance theatre.

For this show, we are taking the foundations of the cabaret structure and immersing it into the realm of theatre. Creating a through-line, using the stories of the Brothers Grimm as well as using innovative audio-visual, set and sound techniques to create the world of the show.

With your help - we can make this show a wondrous success!

Why do we need your help?

Natalie at Va-Va-Voom Productions has always self-funded her projects. As a freelancer, it's getting increasingly more difficult to rely on personal funds to enable a project to succeed. Funding grants tend to find the cabaret genre a bit of an "unknown" and there fore it is quite difficult to succeed in funding. But you can help. 

How can you help us realise our goal?

We need financial help to go towards the costs of creating and decorating the set, plus the costs for the audio-visual components of the production. This amounts to $2,000.00.

It's as simple as signing up to and donating! Plus, did you know you can claim tax back off your donation? Hurray!

Thank you in advance!

A BIG thank you to all of you who have donated to our fund. You are officially a part  of creating innovative cabaret theatre in New Zealand!

Come and see the show!

Better yet, once you've donated, come join us at the show and see how much of a difference your donation has made! Tickets are purchasable through from  mid July (see our updates for details).

Take a bite of the apple.. give yourself over to tempation...




    WE DID IT BABY, YEAH!!!!!!!!! 


    DARK HORSE CABARET PRESENTS: GRIMM Boosted campaign 100% funded with 10 hours to go! 


    Thank you so, so much from the bottom of our hearts to all our donors who contributed to our campaign, all 56 of you! Thank you also to everyone who shared our campaign, including Radio Ponsonby! 


    Our creative director & producer is crying in a big heap of happiness right now - but as promised, here's a meme to celebrate reaching our goal. 


    We love you all - we'll can now make this show the best it can be, and it's all thanks to you for helping us get there. Thank you for supporting the New Zealand cabaret scene - you won't regret it! 


    Love, the cast and crew of Dark Horse Cabaret. 


  • It's D-DAY!


    IT'S D-DAY! at 12 midnight tonight, our Boosted campaign closes! 93% funded, 7% left! A huge thank you to all of the 49 donors so far who have donated to our campaign. You've been amazing. We're so SO CLOSE! Let's make it happen team!

    (I couldn't help myself.. I made another meme... I promise this will be the last one until (if) we reach 100%)

    It's D-DAY!
  • 90%!!!



    We've gone from 66% to 90% in the space of a day! Absolutely incredible the amount of support we've received for this project. You've quite literally got our producer in tears of joy! We've got 10% to go with less than 24 hours to do it in. If you can help us out, now is the time to do it!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you x

    and another meme. The next one will be created when we reach 100%


  • 1 DAY TO GO!


    HOLY MAC! One more day to go!!!!! We've made 66% of our target, with 35 donors and we have 34% to go! We are so, so close! If you were going to donate and haven't yet, the time to do so is NOW! Please help us reach our goal! Share, donate! Help support the NZ cabaret scene and all our amazing cast and crew! Can we do it in 24 hours?

    To celebrate their being one more day on our campaign - we've created a new meme!


    1 DAY TO GO!
  • 5 day to go! Help us reach our goal!


    Cricky charlie! That went fast!

    5 DAYS LEFT to raise 48% of our target? Can we do it? Yes, but we need your help! 

    Please donate - every little bit counts! 

    If you need some more persuading, or want to know more about the show - listen to our creative director and producer Natalie Hugill chat to Murry Sweetpants on Radio Ponsonby about the show and our campaign:

  • We're over the hump!


    We're at 51%! HURRAH! Now to make the extra 49%! 

    Our producer, Nat Hugill will be on Radio Ponsonby tomorrow chatting to Murry Sweetpants from 8.30am about the show, and also about our campaign. 

    If you haven't donated yet - please do! 

    Oh...and here's a grumpy cat meme for you :) 

    Love, the cast & crew of Dark Horse Cabaret

    We're over the hump!
  • Our tickets are online!! But we still need your help!


    ...and just like that **POOF** magically the tickets to Dark Horse Cabaret appear! Hurrah! 

    Get yours here: - Our FB Event

    Poster thanks to the awesome Peter Heckman! 

    HOWEVER.. we're at 40% and REALLY need your help to make it to 100% in 12 days time! So please, donate and share our campaign with the world! 

    Our tickets are online!! But we still need your help!
  • YIPPIE! 37%




    Without your donations, this production won't be able to realise it's full potential. So a gigantic thank you to those of you who have donated so far!

    We have 14 days to reach our 100% goal. Please help us out by donating! <3 

    And to celebrate our donations so far, here's a new meme. 

    Love, the Cast & Crew of Dark Horse Cabaret.


    YIPPIE! 37%
  • 21 DAYS TO GO!


    Thank you to those who have donated so far - you're awesome! :D

    We've made 22% and only have 21 days left to fund our remaining $2,000.00.

    Please, please help us to create this innovative and fantastic cabaret show. We've got such an amazing cast and crew who want to make this work - but we just need a bit of help. Any amount of donation is much appreciated.

    If you can't help us financially, we'd be ever so grateful if you could share our campaign and get the word out! ♥ 

    Much love, 

    The Cast & Crew of Dark Horse Cabaret

    21 DAYS TO GO!
  • 20% already?!


    A big hug and a kiss to those who have donated already! You've allowed us to reach 20% of our target in three days! You're fabulous!

    If you're not following our FB event - we're thanking every donater personally on there. Why not have a lookie for yourself?

    Thank you for helping us! 

  • Woohoo!


    Yahoo! 15% of our funding total made overnight! Thank you to Tim Caulton and Alex Browne for donating! 

    Jump on the bandwagon ya'll and lets make this happen! 


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Va-Va-Voom Productions aims to create vivacious and unique cabaret, vaudeville and theatre shows to entertain and titillate audiences all around New Zealand.

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