Dale Copeland

Dale Copeland, for Taranaki Artists - de retour à Paris

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Eleven Taranaki artists will travel to Paris in May, to exhibit works by thirty Taranaki artists at Galerie 59 Rivoli. Exciting but expensive!

We're all booked and ready to go, but we need your help to meet our funding shortfall of $4000. Any additional funds raised will be divided equally among the travellers, and we'll be able to EAT in Paris!

It's going to be a great show .... a big gallery between Notre Dame and the Louvre. We exhibited there in 2014 and they liked our work so much they've invited us back. This is a really big opportunity for artists from a rural province in New Zealand.

Thank you for your support.


Art from Taranaki http://virtual.tart.co.nz

59 Rivoli http://www.59rivoli.org/homepage/




  • Sincere thanks. I've thanked those we know, but to all the anonymous kind souls, THANK YOU!


  • jumping up and down, gratitude and excitement


    Thanks to kind friends around the world, we've reached the target of $4000.    Boosted, understandably, will take 10% so we're trying to get just a couple of hundred more.    So that after the 10% is taken, we'll be left with the magical 4000.

    It' a huge load of fretting that's off our shoulders.  We're taking our huge exhibition to Paris.  And we leave in just two weeks time.  Anxiety has turned to excitement, stress is turning to glee.

    The image shows one of Milarky's collages, made with the euros he earned selling an artwork last time we had a show in Paris.  A good use for money - to make art!

    jumping up and down, gratitude and excitement
  • Sincere thanks, and great glee!


    We've reached the target, thank you to all who have helped.   Known or anonymous, you're wonderful.

    There's another 6 days to go .... anything over the $4000 that we so desperately needed wil be divided among the eleven of us who are travelling.   We'll be carrying all the artworks (nearly 450 of them!!) as our luggage, so very little room for clothes.  And not much spending money between us, so your contributions are going to a very appreciative little group of Taranaki artists.

    During May you'll be able to see the full exhibition on the Virtual Tart website, at www.tart.co.nz   See what your generosity has helped to make happen.  From 1st May.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you.


    We're almost there.  Almost at our target for funding, and almost in Paris.  You have all been so kind, so generous.  THANK YOU.

  • Just did a count. We're taking over 400 artworks !


  • Update and thanks


    Our trip to Paris is getting closer.   We're at the stage of packing all the artworks, wondering if there's room to take a spare shirt, all that.

    I'd like to give my sincere thanks to all those who have contributed to this project  - you're wonderful, and you're making such a difference to how we feel.   Not alone, the world is with us!

    Here's a photo of six of my assemblages - made in old crib boards so they pack together well in a suitcase, and can hang in clusters on a wall.  It's a big gallery, and to fill it with just the contents of our suitcases is a good challenge.

    You can see some of our packing solutions on the Virtual Tart website at www.tart.co.nz/59Rivoli.htm 

    Update and thanks