Cameron Broadhurst


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Cynthia is a surrealist short film that is the major work for the first year of my Masters degree in film production. The film will be less than ten minutes long, but I'm aiming to create an interesting and beautiful piece of art.

It's about an actor Francis, who arrives at an estate for a celebration party with his wife Cynthia. When she disappears, Francis must go on a search throughout the rooms of the estate in order to find her and the love that they had. For Francis the narrative is like solving a puzzle in a dream, putting to rest what is really holding him back from seeing Cynthia again.

Cast, crew, locations
Our main lead roles will be played by actors John Brown and Margaret Kelly, and we are gathering a large cast of extras in addition for the party scene. We have already located and booked our main locations, which are classical historic Auckland buildings - the Metro Theatre and the Massey Homestead in Mangere. I'm producing the film with my friend and experienced producer Linda Darby Coring, and my fellow Masters students are the technical crew. We shoot the film at the end of September this year.

What we need
We're asking for your contribution to get the film made. Our fund raising target is $1500. This will help pay for locations and props for the film - anything extra raised will go to other cast and catering expenses. Apart from what is raised here, I'm self funding this film, and although many people will work for free on this project, film making is expensive. So, to make this film happen, you can donate via this page. Anything you can give is appreciated. Also, New Zealand income earners are eligible to claim a 33% tax credit on their donation, because it goes through the Arts Foundation.

And, for anyone in Auckland who would like to be an extra for a day, please email Linda ( Thanks supporters, and we'll make sure you get to see the film later on!

Key people

Cameron Broadhurst a fiction and doco filmmaker and teacher based in Auckland. This is his third short narrative film, but most ambitious project to date. He is completing a Masters in Screen Production at the University of Auckland

Linda Darby Coring a graduate of the Masters in Screen Production and an experienced producer and director who has made several short films that have screened at overseas festivals such as the Cannes Short Film Corner 2015. She is currently one of ten directors in development with the New Zealand Film Commision Women Filmmakers' Incubator.  

John Brown an experienced film, TV and theatre actor who has appeared in numerous short films in a wide variety of character roles. 

Margaret Kelly
... has written and produced numerous commericals and modelled for L'Oreal. This is her second lead role in a short film.