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Cupid's Awakening - Short Film

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Cupid's Awakening is a short film about love, connection and power, with twists of jealousy, anger and sorrow. We all have a dark side sometimes - this is hers...

The story is based around an anti-cupid who has become lonely and longing for a connection with another person, like that of the love she used to create. Over time she has become growingly frustrated with couples that throw love away, due individuals' indiscretions. This is where the story of Cupid's Awakening starts.

Her frustration has caused her to act out, upon seeing wrongdoing in love, shooting an arrow to reverse the effects that initially brought the two together. After having to do this too often she becomes disinterested and accidentally hits a loving couple. Unable to reverse what she has done, she is in despair. Cupid follows the woman she wrongly shot and the film climaxes when she notices the woman standing on a ledge. Cupid runs to try save her, even though she is invisible to everyone in the mortal world.

I'm in my last year of Fine Arts study at Victoria University of Wellington, and about to start the final stage of my Master's degree: my independent project. I chose to undertake this project in particular because of my passion for video editing. I want to construct a story that highlights my editing skills, and create a piece that really demonstrates everything I love about editing - bringing a vision to life. This short film has no dialogue; instead it is set to a song. This is a creative decision I made with the intent to really emphasise my editing skills to bring the story to life.

To realise my creative vision and do the project justice I am seeking funding to help cover the costs of building and acquiring the important props for the characters and set dressing, as well as adding to an allowance to help with on-shoot costs, and transportation.

I am currently working with a very limited budget (and A LOT of LOVE!) and I have been incredibly fortunate to be able to enlist the help of some amazing up-and-comers from my Master's cohort. I am asking for $700 in extra funding to help with the minimum costs of pulling this project together - anything extra will help make my dream project a reality by expanding the scale and adding smaller details.

Along with that amazing feeling you may get if you choose to donate and my unwavering gratitude, you will also have become a part of not only creating something pretty cool, but contributing to my growth as an artist. I'd also really like to (with your permission) credit you at the end of the film for the help that makes my vision a reality.

Thank you for your support!



  • Sneak Preview of Music! and more...


    Hi all, 

    Things are starting to come together. 

    Casting calls are out and auditions will be held in the next few weeks. 

    WE HAVE FOUND A BOW!! and it is a BEAUTY!!! 

    AND - we have a sneak preview of the music written for the Short Film, check it out at this link 

    Also don't be afraid to check out and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with what's happening.

    Finally (and most importantly) THANK YOU! to everyone who has donated already, you are absolute angels. We have $350 to go, and remember it is all or nothing, so if you know anyone who might enjoy this project - PLEASE SHARE IT!!