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The Creative Spaces Capsule Project is a collaborate national art exhibition, which brings Creative Spaces and their communities closer together to celebrate outsider art.

Creative spaces are organisations where people are supported to make art, or participate in artistic activities such as theatre, dance, music, film and creative writing. They provide space, resources and assistance in ways that will lead to self-expression, empowerment and self-development.

Beginning in Invercargill the 'Capsule' of work will visit 15 creative spaces over 8 cities as it skips up the country. At each new space the exhibition will collect one more art work, until it reaches 15 artworks in Auckland.

The Capsule will travel back via the Wellington and Dunedin fringe festivals and finally end where it began, in Invercargill at the Southland Festival of the Arts in April 2017.

Here is something that Arts Access Aotearoa said about the Creative Spaces Capsule Project.

"The value and impact that these creative spaces have on their local community is immense but not many people know of these spaces. The Creative Spaces capsule project will raise a regional and national awareness of the value of these creative spaces and give them a platform to celebrate what they do and the quality of art that is achieved by their artists."

Take a look at our facebook page to see some of the overwhelming support we've had so far for this project.

We need the rocket fuel to send the 'Capsule' between these Creative Spaces.

Please help make our mission a success, and join the crew as we showcase some out of this world artworks.

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