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Creating Bubblelands

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We are asking for support to premiere a new New Zealand work, Bubblelands. The show has confirmed seasons at Auckland's Basement Theatre 25-29 August and Wellington's BATS Theatre 13-17 October, with plans for future national or international touring. It's a whimsical physical comedy with two fish in a tank.

The majority of our cast and crew members are Asian, but we don't want this to be seen as a cultural/Asian play. We're just people creating great physical theatre. Your donation will be an encouragement, allowing us to move away from playing stereotypes on stage and in mainstream media. This is an opportunity for us to push the boundaries... and play fish.

Rehearsals are now underway. Your money will go towards touring and production costs to bring both seasons of this play to life. This also means our cast and crew might have a good chance of being paid at the end of the season.

Bubblelands is an existentialist physical tragicomedy, which aims to entertain and delight while touching on issues of ecology, humaneness, and spirituality.

The premise: In the fishtank of a Chinese restaurant, a bluecod waits. She doesn't remember how she got there, or what she was doing before. But the arrival of a big, bold and beautiful crayfish starts to jog her out of her haze. Soon, one of them will be Chosen and neither can wait. But there's so much to explore in their metre-long tank... and wait - could this be love - or just hunger?

Two actors (Benjamin Teh and Hweiling Ow) in over-the-top fish costumes, interacting in the confined but revealing space of a fishtank. Do fish think? Can they feel?

Written by award-winning playwright Renee Liang (Lantern, Under the Same Moon, The Bone Feeder) and directed by Amanda Grace Leo, this existentialist tragicomedy will entertain while also informing you about marine ecology, climate change and -er- the weird sexual habits of fish.



  • Bubblelands bloopers


    For all our supporters, we'd like to give you the first look at our filming blunders behind the scenes of our campaign video.

    Thank you very much for believing in us so far. 


  • Fishy reveal


    As promised here is another fishy reveal. Sarah Burren our talented costume designer is painstakingly making sure every sequin is perfectly stitched in time for our opening night in Auckland.

    If you make it to The Basement to watch Bubblelands, beware the cod's got an eye on you.

    Fishy reveal