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Crazy Happy

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Crazy Happy is a feature length documentary around 70 mins long, and tells the story of a group of Mental Health Consumers that embark on The Happiness Project in order to get over their feeling of suicidal ideations.

We follow three consumers as they try to find happiness and change their lives. Also involved was a Psychiatrist who wanted to partake in the project, but more as a peer and not in the role of a Psychiatrist. He has a particular interest in 'narrative therapy' and he wanted to see what effect 'the happiness project' would have on the consumers. What he wasn't expecting was the effect it would have on him personally. One of the consumers was diagnosed with terminal cancer as the project started, so we wanted to see if we could make a positive effect on her 'dying process." Her (and our) only issue was she was given two months to live…and the project was near 3 months long!

"This project was a great help. I was able to think of positive things every day instead of thinking, oh woe is me I'm dying." Meredith Bargh

Follow their journeys as they challenge themselves to change their lives.


The happiness project has been done worldwide in many different variations. The consumers here decided to take one photograph every day for 100 consecutive days of something that made them happy, joyful or grateful. The idea being that looking for something positive would become habit forming. We also had weekly group session to discuss the photographs people had taken and have a discussion around happiness and joy. At the start of the project, hardly anyone could articulate what happiness was and found it hard to give one example. By the end of the project….amazing!


We are a group of filmmakers who are passionate not only about filmmaking but about telling this story. We all have day jobs and filmed this in our days off. Every minute has gone into production, filming, planning, writing, meetings, fundraising and every thing else that comes along with putting a feature film together. We have spent the last year making this and probably be at least another 5-6 months in post as we work "full-time" in our part time. Now we really need your help.

The success of this project on a small number of people we interviewed gives us hope that this could be used as an educational tool and a self help tool for other mental health consumers. We believe the results were so amazing that not only did the participants teach themselves what made them happy, but through the group sessions they learned coping skills that would prevent them going into a "dark place" as they describe it, learning the skills to get back up and move on. These people are inspiring. This is a 'must see' documentary. And if it can go on and benefit other mental health consumers around the world, then this is a 'must do' documentary too. This movie will get finished come hell or high water. It will go out to film festivals and it will become available online. You should want to be a part of it.





    The local newspaper has picked up on the Documentary and are planning on doing a feature spread over three weeks to promote the importance of this doco. This is exciting news for us and will raise awareness for mental health, the happiness project and the documentary. Exciting news.

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