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My mind is blown! We've reached our goal in just over 24 hours and it's all thanks to your support! There's still 17 days left so we've set a new target of $1,500. These extra funds will give us access to more resources which will allow us to strive for an even higher level of production. Again, THANK YOU to those who have already donated or will choose to donate. LET'S DO THIS!

"Courage" is a 5 minute drama about a young girl struggling to pursue her passion for dance after she suffers an accident on stage. Everything changes when a mysterious man called Jeremiah offers her a magical potion called Liquid Courage...

Amanda's story is universal: we can all remember a time when we have been too afraid to cross the threshold, to go for something we know will be good for us, to let ourselves experience our passions in one way or another. To me, this is a story of self-empowerment which I think is important to tell. The film also draws from the unique lives and experiences of teenagers, who often feel trapped and unheard in their own homes as they undergo life-altering transitions. 

Donations will cover the costs of pre-production and production including actors, locations, transport, props, set design, food, wardrobe and more!

About me:

I left the tiny island of Tahiti, French Polynesia to study film here in Auckland and it has been the best decision of my life! I have a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Television and am currently completing my honours degree in Screen Production. I am extremely passionate about film and directing which allows me to use my imagination to create stories that speak to me and that I hope you will love!