Pip Laufiso (Inati)

Cool Runnings - Winter Reggae Party

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Wherever you are in Aotearoa NZ, the Pacific or the world you can make momentous things happen in special places.

We need your generous hearts and minds to help us to beat this challenge.

Pacific communities have been established in Dunedin for decades and much to the disbelief from our relations settled in the north, we don't mind the cold. In fact, we have become so accustomed to the cooler climate that we even embrace the wintry conditions of snow and ice. It's all about layering.

This year we are launching an inaugural event to be held during the winter season and we are calling for your support. Cool Runnings reminds us of the infamous Jamaican bobsled crew who dared to go the Calgary Winter Olympics. It's a bit like being a Pacific reggae band in Dunedin.

Rope in
Come on and tune in
I said you ride in
'Cause this here session is vital

We are going to turn up the temperature in Dunedin with the warmest Pasifika reggae grooves from the inimitable Tigilau Ness and Unity Pacific, formidable Hedlok partnership of Che Fu & King Kapisi when they team up with Dunedin bands 'Koile and Inati.

And it's a cool runnings
I know dancehall a go nice
Tell you it's a cool runnings

This winter reggae event is about honouring long-standing alliances and fulfilling plans to collaborate. Next month, we will converge on the Otago Peninsula village of Macandrew Bay.

Auckland based artists Tigi, Unity Pacific, Che and Kaps are all set to head south and celebrate a pledge to live life to fullest with this exclusive gig. 

We urge you to donate because it will also be the first time that father Tigi and son Che will perform at the same event in Dunedin. Please help us achieve this with any small donation - anything that you can contribute will make this happen. 

And it's a cool runnings
We all a go rock 'til broad daylight
Singin' cool runnings

As the leading proponents of some of the best NZ music, Dunedin reggae fans will be warmed to their bones by this stellar lineup. With their tropical vibes and Pacific sounds, Cool Runnings will resonate within and radiate out. Please donate now and share our campaign. 

Say now, cool runnings
People spreading joy all over de place
I say now, cool runnings

Saturday 8 July 
Macandrew Bay Community Hall, 1 Greenacres Street, Macandrew Bay, Dunedin 9014
6:00 pm - 12.30 am 
Tigilau Ness with Unity Pacific, Hedlok (Che Fu and King Kapisi), 'Koile, Inati
TICKETS AVAILABLE SOON, includes hearty kai & cash bar


  • Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count.


    Why do we need support from Boosted? Every bit given makes a difference ... 

    Converging on the village this weekend to bring warm reggae vibes includes Tigilau Ness, Talaniko Ama, Vinnie Brbich, Tau Harawira, Senio Brown, Tafari Tavai Vaili, Che Fu, Bill Urale aka King Kapisi, Hiliako Iaheto, Rangitakau Tekii, Nio Ikahihifo, Ralph Miller, Paul Young, Teu Ikahihifo, Pete Claman, Andrew Sione, Rona Ulaula, Rapture Latu, Bruce Elisara, David Kesha, Braden Fa’avae, Jerry Banse, Danielle Culling, Pos Mavaega, Tanya Muagututia, Talia Rae Mavaega, Josephine Mavaega, Ella Mavaega and Justin Naish aka Jungle Fari.

    The dream team assembled - AJ, Bruce, Cinny, Danielle, Duncan, Evotia, Fiona, Fran, Gordon, Iolana, Jared, Jane, Jessy, Juliet, Lah, Gray, Marama, Marlia, Michael, Rapture, Stephen, Tagiilima, Tanya and Tarn are all checked in and ready to roll.

    Outstanding suppliers have been supportive and generous. Bellamy’s Gallery, Bramwells, Channel 39, Daryl Baser, Gordon Duff, Hirepool, Hungry Pixel Designs, iTickets, Macandrew Bay Community Hall Committee, Pavement, PedagogyIT, Phantom Billstickers, Stephen Kilroy and Strawberry Sounds transforming this seemingly simple gig in to an impressive midwinter celebration.

    With love, hope and respect. Thank you. 

    Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count.
  • If we learn not humility, we learn nothing.


    Thank you | Whakafetai lahi | Malo ‘aupito | Fa’afetai tele lava | Meitaki maata| Mauriora
    We started out on the Boosted quest with a proposal that had come out of a conversation in a hospital in 2016. As planning developed, the concept of the Cool Runnings Winter Reggae party was born and quickly evolved in to a stellar line-up of NZ music icons and Pacific Music Award recipients. Add to that, a crew of amazing volunteers and some of Dunedin’s finest professional operators in the events sector. Since the campaign has been live, we have found ways to reach out to people and to profile Pacific artists and consolidate our networks.

    This Boosted campaign has been an opportunity to help us meet the costs and lay the foundations of a future Pasifika winter festival featuring a flagship music event anchored in Dunedin. Thank you to Dudley as the ambassador who provided expert advice and guidance.
    To the extraordinary donors who got us to 26% - We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your confidence and support. It has continued to be an overwhelming and humbling experience. We have learnt a lot. Thank you so much for your generosity and on that note – we will sing your praises for being our angels and boosting our hope, our confidence and our energy. Please contact us for updates. Inati.aotearoa@gmail.com | 027 425 9357

    If we learn not humility, we learn nothing.
  • Love springs eternal


    Wow! We made it to over the line of the first $1000.00 of our target. We are truly grateful for your faith and support. Thank you for your generous contribution to Cool Runnings. This campaign is helping us to coordinate this stellar event and consolidate some exciting options for the future. Thank you for encouraging others to join in and brighten our days.

    Inati is about distribution and inclusiveness ensuring that everyone is looked after. Thank you for looking after us. We are overwhelmed by your donations. Fa’afetaitele lava!

    Reciprocity is the exchange of something between people or groups of people when each person or group gives to the other. We welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with others and Cool Runnings is a true example of collective ambition and determination.

    Tigilau Ness and Unity Pacific, Che Fu and King Kapisi, Pacific Underground, 'Koile, Inati & Jungle Fari will be filling our hearts and souls with deep, warm vibes that celebrate life. Thank you.

    To the incredible people of Hungry Pixel Designs, Bellamy's Gallery, Hirepool, PedagogyIT, Bramwells, Strawberry Sounds, Gordon Duff, Pavement, Phantom Billstickers, Milan Bryce, Macandrew Bay Rate Payers & Residents Association and our fabulous volunteer crew – thank you!

    Love springs eternal