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Conversations With Pets

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After years of telling human stories from around the world, we are very excited to now have the opportunity to explore the relationship between humans and animals in a very personal and entertaining way.

Most animal lovers form a connection with their pets through love and affection but how deep does this go and how would this change everything if your pets actually communicated back with you ?

Conversations With Pets is an honest and open portrayal of one womans insight into how our pets really feel about us. World renowned animal communicator Faye Rogers can converse with animals telepathically, over the phone, living or even dead.

Conversations With Pets is Dr Doolittle meets Babe, Turner and Hooch meets Ghost in short documentary form.

We are extending an invitation to our Boosted friends to be part of the curious world of pet communication.

Faye has kindly agreed to get personal with some of your pets. 

Do you love your cat ? Is the feeling mutual ? Is there something you need to ask your dog ?

Get the word out there with your friends because Faye might be able to provide the very answers that you animal lovers are looking for. 

For fun we will keep you all updated along on our project with some randomly gifted answers to our Boosted donor's pet questions.

Thanks everyone and a special thanks to Loading Docs 

Ian, Justin and Hayley









  • 'Conversations With Pets' on worldwide release


    Hi supporters, we're really happy to announce that our three minute documentary 'Conversations With Pets' is now out and available to watch worldwide. 

    We've had great feedback and can't wait for more people to see it. It's already been selected by vimeo staff to feature on the frontpage of their doco channel. Our next goal is to get it to Petdance...an American film festival devoted to pets. 

    Thanks again for your support and our 'Faye converses with your pet prize' will be announced shortly. And don't worry if you don't have a living pet, Faye can talk with your dead pets also. 

    Meanwhile grab some popcorn and watch our three minute feature doco. 




    Justin, Ian, Hayley. 

    'Conversations With Pets' on worldwide release


    Thanks everyone for helping us out so far, we are moments away from making our boosted goal!

    The animal kingdom hasn't had a voice until now, you can sleep easy knowing you are a part of the grass roots campaign to hear their stories. 

    You are awesome...is probably what your pet is saying...we will confirm with Faye later. 

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