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Container Stage

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Avonside Girls High School has its annual Arts Week coming up soon, which is a showcase of excellence in drama/dance/music/visual arts.

However, the school hall was damaged in the earthquake so the girls have to perform the evening concert off site and have limited space for their daily performances/visual art displays etc. 

The cost of hiring a freight container that opens at the side (see the above image), as a temporary option for this year's Arts Week, is $600.  (The cost to purchase is around $8000, so a one month hire for $600 (discounted) has been deemed more realistic).

It would make a huge difference to the success of the Arts Week having a designated space we can build an Arts programme around.  The students are very excited at the prospect of having a portable stage on the school grounds and are already planning ways to best utilise it.

Potential additional funding would be used towards materials (industrial adhesive, paint, wood, solar powered lights) for a Gap Filler project that will be intalled in a public space in Christchurch. 

Avonside Arts Week is open to the public.

Any support for this project will be greatly appreciated.


  • Print by Nadeline


    Print by Nadeline
  • Talented Artists


    We have many talented artists are Avonside Girls and will be displaying a selection of their works in the Container Stage.

    Talented Artists
  • music performances


    We will be having music performancs by Avonside students in the Container Stage as well as guest performances from other schools and professional musicians!! 

    music performances
  • Arts Week


    The container is scheduled to arrive next Monday!  I am stock piling plastic corflute, kindly donated by Adgraphix, for the hexagonal mural Gap Filler workshop.  Please support this project...Arts Week is only three weeks away! 

    Arts Week