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The remote rural location of the Hokianga is considered to be the oldest Maori settlement in Aotearoa - New Zealand. Hokianga is a community of approximately 6,350 people and Maori represent 73% of the population.

In 2012 the Hokianga Arts Community Trust set up the Hokianga Art gallery in response to the very successful (NorthTec) Rawene Applied Arts course.
Unfortunately after a number of years the community not only lost the NorthTec Applied Arts course but also lost the gallery space when the building was sold privately.

Purchasing a container and converting it into a mobile exhibition space would give back to this community a flexible, mobile and affordable visual arts space. Largely a volunteer workforce will convert the container into a gallery space which will be a place for creative people to work, learn, exhibit and sell work. Specifically the money you donate will go towards the purchase, transport and any specialist fitting out of the container, along with all the materials needed to make this a great visual arts space.

The arts are important to the economy and social wellbeing of this


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    That was an amazing campaign. We achieved our target and more. $7245.00 was donated locally, nationally and internationally.

    Thank you so much for generously contributing to our community project. It has helped us to realise an exciting new art space in the Hokianga. Our next steps are to negotiate and finalise a space/s for the container to be located. Hopefully, that won't involve too much red tape.

    Following that we will have a community meeting to discuss and build on those ideas we have for the use and operation of the container.

    Thank you all again.... and for those people who live outside the Hokianga, we hope you will visit our space when you are next travelling to the Far North. 

    Hokianga Arts Community Trust

  • Hokianga Art Container Project


     A huge thank you to all the current (47) donors. Without your support and generosity we would not be $261.00 and 53 hours short of achieving our target of $7000.00. The whole process has been very humbling with donations from locals, nationally around New Zealand and overseas.