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Conscious Roots Hui festiva is a community event that re-connects people to practices of sustainability, natural healing, food growing and wellbeing through art, storytelling, music & dance.

We invite you to join us by donating something to make this festival as awesome as possible.

A generation ago, whānau shared kai as a means of connection, threading lives, whakapapa and community together through the exchange of food and stories. These ways have become less common in this day and age. Our hui aims to address this in some way through the sharing of skills, fun, community and knowledge.

Our festival brings permaculture, lomilomi, rongoa, wild parenting, Intentional Communities, organic gardening, raw foods, composting, sustainability and alternative healing into our gardens to share with our community.

Gardeners, healers, whānau and kaumātua will come together to celebrate and strengthen our connection to Papatuanuku and each other. There will be music, stories, creativity, film, workshops, dance, rongoā, mirimiri, fire, hangi, and laughter in the spirit of community.

Hongoeka Marae is one of two Ngati Toa marae in the Porirua area. Hongoeka Bay is the last remaining Maori land reserve set aside for Ngati Toa after Governor Grey confiscated vast tracts of land from the Kapiti Coast, through Porirua to Wellington and across to the top of the south island.

Hongoeka Bay has been occupied by Ngati Toa since their migration from Kawhia harbour in the early 1800's. A small community of whanau continue to live there, upholding the traditions of their tipuna and keeping the Ahi Kaa (home fires) alive. As Kaitiaki, the whanau of Hongoeka care for the land, the sea, the marae and the people to ensure that the taonga gifted to them by their ancestors are handed down to future generations.

The Transitional Economic Zone of Aotearoa (TEZA 2015) is a bi-annual event that highlights new forms of exchange and economic wellbeing. This year it takes place in Porirua. As part of this years TEZA week the gardens are running the first Conscious Roots Festival on the 28th and 29th of November.

We have some support for our Festival from Creative NZ, Porirua City Council and Te Runanga o Ngati Toa. What we need from our Boosted supporters is a final helping hand. Conscious Roots now wants to gather enough funding to pay for food, travel, and a hangi for all the speakers, artists and musicians, helpers and whanau who are volunteering their time and expertise to make this festival possible. Are you able to help?

You are also warmly invited to come along to our festival. Koha entry. For more information and a programme of events please visit our website.