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A short non-fiction film about Zuyi Woon and Elaine Loh who opened the first and only fully manual brewing coffee shop in New Zealand while consistently facing the pressure of the huge espresso market.

Their shop 'Pour & Twist' is situated in Wellington. Every cup of coffee that they serve is made with their hands rather than an espresso machine, emphasising the art and craft of the brewing process and Zuyi and Elaine's passion for it!'

Pour & Twist represents what is happening in the New Zealand coffee industry, as more and more people are dedicated to hand-brewing methods. They put great effort to ensure coffee in New Zealand is ethically traded and brought to consumers with the best quality through every step.

We are third-year Television & Screen Production students who are motivated to create influential and entertaining content. This little film is meaningful to both of us as it is our final project in this degree and we have an opportunity to showcase the uniqueness of 'Coffee with a Twist'. If the project is as successful as we aspire it to be, there are opportunities for it to be showcased in film festivals. 

But to make this project possible we need your support! Any donations will mean so much to us. If you are uanble to donate, sharing the page with your friends or family would also be much appreciated.

All donations will go towards the budget of this film such as flights, accommodation, food for the crew, music licencing and any other post-production costs. If there is any leftover money it will be given to the 'Trade School Industries' which will help people who have a prison past gain a bright future in hospitality. Info on that here:

Here is our little crew: 

Director: Chen Huang

Producer: Blake Lewis

Director of Cinematography: Henry Donald

Sound Operator: Niamh Swannack


  • Update - August 28th


    20 days down... 10 to go!


    Thank you so much to all those who have donated. We have been really humbled by the generosity of our friends, family and anybody interested in the project who are helping us make this possible. We are really close to our target but are going to need one final push. It is going to be a bit of a crazy finish but I believe we can get there! We will be filming in just over 2 weeks. The closer it gets, the more excited we get. We cannot wait to show you all the finished project. 



    Blake & Chen