The Christchurch Youth Choir

Christchurch Youth Choir Tour to Brisbane

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The Christchurch Youth Choir is an auditioned group of 16 - 28 year old singers who are based, and perform regularly, in Christchurch. At the end of August this year, the choir is heading on tour to Brisbane, Australia to showcase various works of music in a range of local venues including St. John's Cathedral and the Queen St Mall.

Their diverse repertoire spans from Gabriel Faure to John Lennon and provides a chance for both members and audiences to experience a range of musical styles. 

This will be the choir's first international excursion, and as such promises to be a very major event on their calendar. As can only be expected with such an exciting opportunity, there are significant costs involved in taking thirty talented young people overseas. As many of the choir members belong to the student demographic, any support that can be offered will be greatly appreciated.