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Choreographic Season 2013

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The New Zealand School of Dance  has an extraordinary record. 80% of our students gain dance contracts within six months of graduation. They perform all over the world in the finest classical ballet and contemporary dance companies.

Every year we challenge our contemporary dance students to create their own choreographic work in their final year. These talented young people will choreograph expressive dance works which push the boundaries of what's gone before. You can support them as they make the courageous move of showing the world what matters to them.

For the first time, we are breaking some of the traditional boundaries of performance by creating audience immersion and collaborating with live musicians onstage. This year's show is called 'And Then It Moved'. It will be performed from 15 - 25 May, at Te Whaea: National Dance & Drama Centre, in Wellington.

You can help make this show happen, by donating to our project on Boosted. With your support, we can create a unique set, lighting and costumes, and do things we haven't ever done before.

Join us and be a part of it.

Thank you for supporting us!


  • Final touches to the show


    It’s final prep time for the students today as they get ready for dress rehearsal tonight. They’re making final touches to the show as the anticipation builds – thank you for helping make this show happen. 

    We’d love to keep in touch with you and take you on the journey with us. Please email Katie at so we can keep the conversation going, invite you to special events and let you know what’s happening with the students. 

    Hope to see you at one of the shows very soon, and feel free to come and say hello – we’d love to know what you think of the performance!

  • Nearly showtime


    In just a week, the Choreographic Season show will be onstage, thanks to all of you! We can’t wait to share the show with you. Opening night is Wednesday 15 May and the buzz is building. Keep an eye out for our posters around Wellington, as the students are giving out posters and leaflets today.

    It’s countdown time to the first performance now - the students are in the theatre space, setting it and spacing the show, and the lighting is being rigged and focused. Tomorrow, they’ll be plotting the dance works with lighting, and then rehearsing with live musicians in the space.

    Thank you all so much for helping make this show happen – and we look forward to seeing you here very soon!

    Nearly showtime
  • 100% funded - thank you all!


    So exciting - we made it to 100% funded! Such a big thank you to all of you who have so generously given to our Boosted project for Choreographic Season 2013 - your support is just fantastic. This is a tremendous Boost for our students.

    Now the students have got just over 3 weeks before opening night of the show. They've been playing with books, beanbags and all sorts of interesting props. We think you'll be in for a treat when the show opens - and even better, you helped make it happen.

    We also wanted to let you know there will be fewer tickets than normal for this Choreographic Season, as the students are using the theatre space in a different way. So if you would like to join us at the show, you can book online at

    Thank you again for your wonderful support of our students, helping us get the show onstage.

  • Just a few hours left...


    Just a few hours left and we’re up to 90%! Thank you all for getting us here so far, it’s wonderful to have your support. Last night the students performed excerpts from their new works for Choreographic Season. They got great feedback from the audience watching them here in the studio.

    This morning ten dance industry representatives came to watch a run-through of the show and assess the students’ choreography so far, and it went well. Choreographer Luigi Vescio said, ‘We got some really different feedback, it was very valuable to receive this from renowned New Zealand dancers, directors and producers. It will help guide us leading up to the production season. We performed the show all the way through for them, and it was gratifying to see it as a whole.”

    Join us tonight and see what you think, at our second INSIGHT Studio Performance at 6pm!

  • Nearly there....


    We're really excited to be up to 77% funded today, we're nearly there - thank you all!

    Here in the studios, the students are rehearsing the Choreographic Season excerpts they'll be sharing with you, in the INSIGHT Studio Performances this Thursday and Friday. You'll see works from final-year choreographers, including Emma Martin, Riley Baldwin and Katie Rudd.

    Katie explains how she’s been moving her work forward this week: ‘I’ve been creating a solo for another dancer, developing it from the original improvisation tasks and intention. I’ve pinpointed the idea, but right now I’m researching it more deeply so that I can give him more emotional depth for the work. It will definitely add a layer, for him to be able to connect and portray it fully as the dancer.’

    Hope you can join us in the studio!


  • Come and join us in the studio!


    We’d love you all to come to our INSIGHT Studio Performances next week, to get a sneak peek of what the students have choreographed so far. Please come and join us at 6-7pm on Thu 18 or Fri 19 April, at Te Whaea: National Dance & Drama Centre.

    And, how exciting to see that we’ve had a big Boost overnight – thank you all so much!

    This week, the students have been busy developing their individual pieces, planning with lighting designers and collaborating with musicians. One of the choreographers Katie Rudd says, ‘It’s such a rollercoaster – one day you love it, the next day you doubt your decisions. But I feel that everyone’s found what they want to express. It’s a crucial time just now, so we’re all still open to change and what could come. The pressure is on to have something ready, as we know we’ll be starting rehearsals in the theatre soon.’

    Another final year choreographer, Sarah Gatzsonis, agrees – ‘We’re at the editing stage, we’ve explored our ideas, and now we’re developing and pushing forward the strongest ones. I’ve got confidence in my decisions right now, but the reality is we’ve only got 5 – 10 minutes to express our concepts. So I just made a big change and cut my piece from 12 dancers to 3. You have to consider how your piece fits within the whole show, and sometimes cull material you really liked.’

    Come and join us in the studio!
  • Photo time for the students


    It takes lots of crucial steps to create our NZSD Choreographic Season. One step is choosing the perfect publicity photo. Here's one image to give you a taster of what the students are planning to share with you! All your gifts are fantastic steps forward to help our students get the show onstage - thank you. Please do share our Boosted project with family, friends, and those you think may be interested, so that together we can leap forward to our goal! (Photographer Stephen A'Court)

    Photo time for the students
  • Thank you!


    A big thank you to everyone who has given so far – we are so thrilled that you are supporting our contemporary dance students to make this project happen. They are in the studio busy rehearsing today, and were so pleased to be featured on TVNZ and Radio Active for the launch! Also thanks to the Arts Foundation and Radio Active for awarding us the joint Wellington prize of $150 Boosted dollars and radio time to promote our Boosted project. All of this is helping us to put the show on in May – thank you!

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The New Zealand School of Dance (NZSD) is recognised as one of the Southern Hemisphere's leading dance conservatoires. Established in 1967, it has become New Zealand’s foremost training establishment for classical and contemporary dancers.

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