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Close to a nervous breakdown, Cade's dissatisfaction with life has become palpable and it is beginning to show in his art form, as a comedian. His jokes are no longer hitting home. The bitterness that he once turned into biting satire is now simply sounding like bitterness. This is a film about transformation, re-invention, and the duality of humanity. Commencing principal photography in September 2016, in the heart of Wellington City.


This project started with a story. Micah Steller wanted to tell a story showing the dark side of comedians. It was important that the main character who was cast was an actual comedian, so we looked towards the New Zealand Comedy community for our 'Cade'. As word spread, comedians such as Brendhan Lovegrove and Jeremy Elwood came on board. Also gaining the support of Vaughan King of VK's Comedy and Blues Bar who has helped open the doors for us to the community and allowing us to use his venue for live and staged shoots. From there, we have been lucky enough to be given access to various businesses throughout the city.


We have an incredibly talented group of artists from our production team, to our actors. Working with us are award winning comics who have made a name for themselves over the past 20 years- Brendhan Lovegrove (Night at the Classic) and Jeremy Elwood (7 Days)- as well as Lead Actors, Steven Ciprian (Under the Earth) and Bec Sandys who are both limitless and compelling on screen. As a film making duo, Steller Films, we are both passionate artists with a collective background in International Relations, Music Composition, Photography, Graphic Design, and Film Production. Under The Earth, our first Feature Film, is currently entered into various International Film Festivals and awaiting acceptance.


As a small Independent Production Company, we own most of the equipment we need to produce a film from conception to completion. And collectively we have the skills and background to operate as a small team. Everyone involved with 'Cade', ourselves included, are volunteering their time and talent to see this production a reality. We have made connections with venue owners and businesses throughout the city of Wellington- such as VK's Comedy and Blues BarS&M"s on Cuba Street, Willis York, and Fringe Bar- and they have entrusted us to use their venues as locations for filming.


This film will become a reality. In the next several weeks we are running a donation based campaign to raise $4,000 NZD which would fill in the gaps of our production budget. Your support, whether, financial or by sharing our project with others and spreading the word, will bring this film to life. These budget costs include: the remaining technical equipment, hard-drive space, travel, and catering during principle shooting.

This team has come together because we all believe in this story and making art which is truthful and alive. Our passion and commitment has brought us to this stage in the production and it is what drives us to see this film to come to fruition. We thank you in advance for taking the time to show an interest in our Project and look forward to bringing you 'Cade'.