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I'm releasing a newly written (and unreleased) song, a music video and short documentary that explores my personal story of family, culture and heritage. To record these pieces, I'll be travelling to my home-country of Papua New Guinea with fellow friend and film-maker Jadon Avosa Calvert. Our feet hit PNG soil October 15, but we need your help to explore the diverse cultures in different villages around the country (prices for domestic flights are criminal). With your help, we can create an amazing piece of art that can strengthen, encourage and challenge people's lives in Papua New Guinea and all over the world.

My journey 

When I was young growing up in New Zealand, I was ashamed of my Papua New Guinean heritage. We were the minority. There was always a sense of something missing, and a deep curiosity about the 'other side' of who I was. 

Then, I went home for the first time in August 2019. 

I cannot adequately explain what coming home did to and for me, which is why we have launched this project so that you can see, hear and experience it for yourself.

This country is FULL of the most beautiful fruits, wildlife and nature, not to mention people! 

But the country is also clouded by corruption and a lack of media, education and transparency. This truth will be told through this film.

This life allows us to decide many things, but our heritage is not one of them. Hopefully, through this film and my music I can give Papua New Guinean children something to be proud of and encourage them to connect with their roots.

My music, Vallé

Music helped me find my rhythm after a tumultuous start at life. It is my friend, my outlet, and how I express myself. I recorded my first song at the age of 13, and now, 9 years later under my stage name of VallĂ©, I have released original Hip Hop and R'n'B songs such as 'No Love', and 'Never Leave Ya' - a collaboration with OLYMPUS and Leilani. 

Check out my music on youtube

With the help of my incredible independent label - Aformation, in partnership with AWAL - I plan to spread my story, and the stories of Papua New Guinea all over the world through my music. 

I'm amped to reveal this new project to the world, and it will all be thanks to the support of all of you, my beautiful friends, family and fans.