Ken Clark

BSA Gallery Exhibition

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I am a Christchurch-based artist and I have an exhibition planned for August at the BSA Gallery in Auckland.

It will cost an estimated $869.00 to send my larger works to the gallery, and I have more smaller works to transport as well. Your donations will assist with getting my work to Auckland for people to see.

After spending most of my working life in film and television and a few years teaching I went back to university in 2012 to complete the BFA I started in 1980. Being at the Art School rekindled my passion to express my realities of my world in paint and prints.

The Exhibition is titled "Aspects" and it contains some of my visual responses and recollections of the last 50 yrs. I think everyone has stories to tell. My artworks are my stories and I wish to bring them to a new audience.

My work has been exhibited, among other places, in New York, Munich, London, Santa Monica and Christchurch. You can learn more about me and my art at

Thank you for your support,



  • New video previz.


    I want to thank the donors

    Here is just a minor change to the projected layout of the exhibition.