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Bring Back The Fairies!

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LUMA is about connecting people through light. Each year we strive to create an immersive environment that people feel they are a part of and can interact with. Our performance characters help bring LUMA to life, creating unique experiences for children, and adults alike.

Last year the fairies were an amazing addition and we need your help to bring them back.

For 2018 Queenstown local performance art company FLAME Entertainment want to be even more ambitious creating new bold and brightly lit, UV reactive characters!

Your contribution will help toward the cost of creating these costumes, from LED lights and luminescent strips to giant wings and light crowns.

Children will have the chance to don some amazing light costumes and become part of the magic as a flutter of butterflies drift through the trees, and undergrowth.

We'd love for you to get involved and support LUMA18!

About LUMA

LUMA is a curated collection of light sculptures, art, performances and installations. Last year LUMA Southern Light Project welcomed over 35,000 visitors to the Queenstown Gardens.

Governed by a not-for-profit charitable trust and free to the public, the festival won the 2016 Trustpower Regional Award for Arts and Culture, and in 2017 won the Supreme Winner for our Region. Our vision for LUMA is to build a world-class art festival based on strong local support and integration. It's our aim to bring our entire community along for the ride as we look to create one of the most unique light festivals in the Southern Hemisphere.

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