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Footnote are heading to Switzerland and Germany, but we need a boost!

Footnote New Zealand Dance has been at the forefront of New Zealand contemporary dance for over 30 years. One of our missions is to foster a connection with New Zealand artists who are working overseas and to bring their perspectives back home. In July, Footnote are travelling to Switzerland to develop a new dance work with Swiss-based New Zealand choreographer Emma Murray.

Emma has been selected to choreograph a new work for Footnote titled PULS. We're heading over to her home in Bern, Switzerland to begin the development process, which will involve local artists and the sound designer for the work.

We will be connecting with the European dance community through showings at two Swiss festivals, and travelling to Germany for more showings and additional performances of Tomorrow After All, a work developed in 2016 with Berlin-based Joshua Rutter. It will be an action-packed three weeks sharing creativity and making new connections across Europe!

Emma was born in Christchurch and studied at the New Zealand School of Dance before joining the Royal New Zealand Ballet. She moved to Bern in 1999 and has been there ever since. She's been creating some fantastic shows over in Europe and is an Associate Artist at Damfzentrale Bern. We're heading over there with the task of bringing some ex-pat art back home to New Zealand.

Footnote has an entirely new company of dancers this year and it is their first time to experience the excitement of developing new choreography directly influenced by a different culture. With your support, this will be an incredible, enriching experience for Footnote dancers Adam, Anu, Georgia, Joshua and Tyler!

In October and November, audiences around New Zealand will be able to see the creative product, when we tour the show around Aotearoa. Inspiring people through work by New Zealand artists based overseas is hugely important to us, so we will be touring PULS to at least eight centres across the North and South Islands as part of a double-bill season entitled CONTRAST, which will also feature a new work by the wonderful Sarah Foster-Sproull.

Please help us to make this exciting project happen! The organisation has already purchased the flights to Europe, but we need the support of our whole community to cover expenses such as accommodation, travel and transfers, insurance, visas and other expenses. All donations are appreciated, as every little bit will help us get closer to our goal of $15,000. Please boost us!



  • 4 days to go!


    We're inching ever closer to our target but we still need your support to get us across the line. Please continue to share our project with friends, family and colleagues who have a passion for the arts. 

    As part of our (fast approaching!) trip to Europe, we'll be spending some time in Berlin where we'll perform Tomorrow After All, a fantastic work choreographed by Joshua Rutter​ for Transfer, our 2016 double-bill season. We're really pleased to be able to share this work with Joshua's home-crowd and the Berlin artistic community.

  • Thank you!


    Thanks to all of you who have boosted us so far! Europe is starting to look a little closer than before but we've still got a long way to go. Please help us out by sharing this project with anyone you know who is a great supporter of the arts!

    Thank you!

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