James Murray

“Bones” - Experimental Short Film

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On the surface, society seems as connected as ever. There is no doubt about this. Yet, looking deeper, we are simultaneously as disconnected as we have ever been. Secured to one another through technology and the media. Subsequently, a large mass of the population are disconnected from their physical bodies, their identities, their relationships, their health, love, the environment, communication, their emotions and so much more.

"Bones" is the upcoming film from London based director, James Murray. A film that is totally confronting, capturing the music perfectly and is something unique for the audience viewing it. A series of vignettes exploring the central theme of connectedness and self-health. With a beautiful soundtrack from electronic duo Spaces (Benjamin Murray & Neil MacLeod), the film unpacks with the music, building to an ending that will leave each viewer with a unique experience. Along the way, the audience is magnetised by Neil's vocals, taking them into the world of the images. This is an idea that needs to surface, it needs to start discussion. We need to be more in touch and accepting of our true selves, despite all of the conflicting forces we face day to day.

The funds raised will go straight into production with expected release to be in late July / early August. Words can not explain how grateful we would be for donations and hope that the finished film will speak for itself.