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Kia Ora

We are Andy Deere and Ryan Heron (Co-Producers/Directors) of Bludgeon. We're stoked to have been selected by Loading Docs and given the chance to make our short documentary.
Now here's what it's all about, well some of what it's about, there'll be other material in the film when it's made, we wouldn't want to give you the impression you had experienced the full story here on this two dimensional page.

Since leaving the army Ex-infantryman Martainn struggled to find a safe outlet for his aggression and a sense of place and kinship. Then through a chance encounter Martainn discovered a new physical outlet with the brotherhood of the Steel Thorns, Taranaki's premiere full contact medieval athletes.

With his eyes firmly on the prize, Bludgeon follows Martainn's journey to the national medieval fighting competition where he and his team will compete against the nations best. Three years of training have led Martainn to this moment where success or failure will be decided on the swing of his poleaxe.
Will he bring it all together and experience victory and glory in the bohurt?

To make this film happen, we need your help. We need to reach $2,000 and once we do, Loading Docs will match that amount dollar for dollar. We need this to contribute to the costs of making this film and to tell Martainn's story. 

A Note from Ryan and Andy:
Martainn is an old friend of ours from school days. For years we thought Martainn, with his unique take on life and uncompromising nature, would make a great contributor to a documentary. But until now we never had the right vehicle to tell his Story.

When Martainn began talking to us about his new passion for full Medieval Combat we realised the wait was over. Who were these unique individuals Martainn had hitched his wagon to? What possessed people to fight side by side in 30kg armour? And why hasn't any one thought of setting their sword on fire yet?

Thanks for joining Martainn and ourselves on this trip into the unknown. Check out the Bludgeon facebook page for regular updates on the film and team.


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