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Bits is a sex education unraveled, a physical comedy exposing the absurd myths surrounding sex and gender. Our troupe takes the stage to deliver an informative sex education seminar and - using trial, error and fruit - chaos ensues. A hilarious, cheeky celebration of sexuality, gender and pleasure; this is the sex education you wish you'd had.

Double Bounce is a theatre company lead by director Lily Della Porta. With her clownish performers, Ingrid Saker, Sarah Tuck and George Fenn, she creates accessible shows using humor to explore the diversity of identity, exposing the absurdity of social norms and gender conventions. This show is a spiritual successor to the clowns from the 2015 Stage of One's Own Festival but promises to keep pushing the boundaries in this full length, raucous production.

In order to fund our Bad Grannies season of BITS, we are hosting a Boosted campaign to raise $550 in order to pay for set, costumes, props and rehearsal spaces for our production of BITS. We would be greatly appreciative of your support in our goal.. We won't be able to make this happen without your help!