Evangelina Telfar

Binge and Chill

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The Show

Binge & Chill is a play about three flatmates who get a new SmartTech fridge that starts to give them unsolicited advice about their unhealthy habits. This show explores control, addiction and mental health with a science fiction twist.

We have been working on putting this show together for over a year and have had readings during the International Institute of Modern Letters Writing for Theatre Workshop in 2017 as well as a reading with Red Scare Theatre Company at one of their monthly Red Readings in 2018.

The Team

Potentially Playing Productions aims to combine art and science through different mediums while hoping to create something entertaining and educational. We have put on two shows in the past called Surgery in Mind at Gryphon Theatre (2015) and Biased Beyond Belief at BATS Theatre (2017) in the Wellington Fringe Festivals.

Potentially Playing Productions is proud to present a wonderful and experienced production team including Evangelina Telfar, Devon Nuku, Alida Steemson, Kristin Leslie, Jamie Fenton, Tom Kereama, Ivana Palezevic, Hamish Boyle, Charlotte Gartrell, and Jessica Bukholt-Payne.

Need a little support

We are looking for funding for the production elements of this show such as set, costume, props, rehearsal space hire and venue hire. The funding will allow us to create the best show possible and discuss important mental health issues. We really hope that this show can open up new conversations about the everyday struggles of what it is like to live with an addiction and/ or an eating disorder in New Zealand.

Come see what we are working on

Binge & Chill will be performed at the Newtown Community Centre from the 19th - 23rd March 2019 as part of the New Zealand Fringe Festival.