Harvey Hayes

Biggie & Shrimp

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A teen must confront his self-identity and masculinity, putting his only true friendship at risk in this debut narrative short film by Harvey Hayes.

The film draws inspiration from the understated directing styles of Gus Van Sant and Jim Jarmusch, with beautifully nuanced performances from lead actors Kawakawa Fox-Reo and Jay Kumar.

The film was self funded by the director, and brought to life by a collective of talented and passionate crew including;
Writer/Director - Harvey Hayes, Producer - Lissandra Leite, Cinematographer - Žiga Zupančič, Production Designer - Royce Dawson, Editor - Julian Currin, Colourist - Matic Prusnik, Sound Engineers Alex & Javier Chalcoff and VFX - Anita Ward (Mandy VFX). 

We have completed the film, however post-production was done on the smell of an oily rag. We would love to compensate our editor, colourist, sound engineers and vfx teams for their hard and professional work. 

Our goal of $2000 will help us contribute towards the post-prod, as well as go towards some key film festival entries. 

Biggie & Shrimp has been selected as part of NZIFF 2019 - which will be its world premiere!

A massive thank you to the amazing cast
Kawakawa Fox-Reo / Jay Kumar / Karlton Laing / Rahsmi Pilapitiya

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