Jett Ranchhod

Biased Beyond Belief

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Potentially Playing Productions is putting on a new show and we'd like you to JOIN US in making this happen!

Project Details:

Next month as part of the Wellington Fringe Festival, the original stage production written and directed by Evangelina Telfar will be going on stage.

The show titled; Biased Beyond Belief opens on the 15th February 2017 at BATS' Theatre and Will run for 4 nights.

We need your help to get this show from the page to to the stage!

The Idea:

Potentially Playing Productions is a Wellington based theatre production company which aims to educate and explore the human condition through storytelling.

The Show; follows an inventor raises an adolescent Artificial Intelligence called Ernest in the hope of human improvement. Both of them want to upgrade the way they think but neither know how. Ernest examines comic and tragic episodes of everyday people to figure out what it means to be human. Biased Beyond Belief is an exploration of the hilarity of human error and the failure of the faulty brain.

Biased Beyond Belief breathes new life within the sci-fi genre and challenges the human condition through the unique perspective of a naïve Android learning about consciousness and cognition. This play will leave you questioning…!?

Warning: May involve education.

The People:

This project is led by Evangelina Telfar who has selected artists from the Wellington region, either through auditions or cast calls. All the artists have experience in their requested fields such as composing, lighting design/ operating, sound and visual design, set design/ building and performing.

Evangelina Telfar - Writer/ Director
Jett Ranchhod - Production/ Stage Manager

Irina Macovei and Lauren Stewart - Set/ Props Designer
Danella Moore - Costume Designer
George Palmer - Composer/ Sound Designer
Devon Nuku - Lighting Designer
Jessica Bulkholt-Payne - Makeup Designer

Adam James, Bethany Miller and Jane Paul.

How you can help!

This is a developmental season for Biased Beyond Belief, which will pave the way for us to take the show on a North Island tour in late 2017.

But before that can happen we need your help! As the show is centered around the idea of Artificial Intelligence, we want to create and deliver an amazing futuristic look. The money raised will go toward creating stellar costumes, an amazing set, and a cutting edge aesthetic reflecting this exciting field of computer science that is changing the way that we live and interact with technology.