Elizabeth Davidson

Begging for it

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The Loons have found a new home!

Now we need your help to fit it out

Like so many people, we lost our home in the Christchurch earthquakes. But now we've found a new space. We're partnering with the Ministry of Education to build a theatre on the new Lyttelton school campus. And we need your help to make it happen.

Tell us about this theatre then…

The Loons theatre spectaculars you know and love will return to Christchurch. But that's not all. The space will be used by children to learn drama and dance as part of the Loons in Schools educational program. Our vision is to offer a top class performing arts education to the children of Christchurch and take New Zealand talent to the world.

The theatre will also be a much needed performance venue for touring companies, live music, community events, and school theatre. It's going to be an amazing resource for our children, our community, and the performing arts.

So how do we make it happen?

We've already raised nearly $200,000 to fit the space out as a professional theatre. But we need to raise another $70,000 to pay for retractable theatre seating. So we're sharing our challenge with everyone, and by everyone we mean you!

Let's do the maths

Every dollar helps, so whether you can give $10 or $10,000 please donate today.

-    If 1,000 amazing people give $70 we're home and hosed
-    If 1,400 generous people give $50 we're sweet as
-    If 2,334 excellent people give $30 we're laughing

Once you've donated, become part of the Loons crew and help us spread the word. Tell your Mum. Tell your mates. Tell your colleagues. We've only got 40 days to make this happen, and if we don't make our target, we don't get a cent.

We can't make this happen without you!

We're begging for it and we need your help.





    You've done it ! You've donated enough money for the Loons Theatre to buy the retractable seating! The seats are the key to the partnership with the Ministry and Lyttelton Primary as they allow the building to operate with as a dual purpose School Hall and Theatre.  Now we have the seats there is no stopping the Loons special brand of professional theatre, and arts education returning to Lyttelton and Christchurch.
    You, our amazingly generous donors have made that happen! And we can't wait to see you on one of those seats at a Loons show in 2016!
    We are overwhelmed by the enormous outpouring of support and affection we have experienced throughout this crowdfunding campaign.
    Loons Production manager Darryl Cribb says: "We went into this campaign knowing it was going to be a colossal effort. And it was just as much hard work as we thought it would be! But it was worth every late night, not only because we've hit target and made enough money to buy the retractable seating for the theatre, but because we have been truly humbled by the incredible support shown to us by the community. Thank you all for helping us bring live theatre back to Lyttelton."

  • Busking For It


    It's a beautiful morning to come on down to Lyttelton Market and see the Loons busking for it.

    Busking For It
  • Tin Man's Begging For It


    Artist Tony Cribb, famous for the Tin Man series, has painted a Loons Inspired Tin Man original, We’re auctioning the painting over on Trade Me to raise money to help kit out the new theatre.
    Prefer rugby? Give this one a try >

    Tin Man's Begging For It
  • It's business time!


    And we are in the business of thank yous. Foley Towers, Sheryn Turner, Margaret Jefferies, Leonne Watson, Pam Jones, Findlay Family, Jeff Lee, The Cribbys, Ruth Connor, Kris Herbert, Robin Kerr, Russell Dann, Clam Rolin, Richard Western, Nigel Lee, Claire West, Kevin Large, Karina Stewart, Tony Jones, Jemma Lee, Bob W, Betty Perdue, Murray and Sue Jones, Crile Doscher, Greg and Jill Larking, Helen Shrewsbury, Sara Campbell, Rose Galletly, Emily Trapp, Maureen Thompson, Roberta Macilraith, Pete Neale, Dorjeta Shikeryn, Beveridge McKinnon, Heather McKenzie, Kim Morton, Victoria Jones, The Campions, Melanie Hamilton, Alison O’Connell, Thomas Young, David Bennett, Sarah Aspinwall, Caitlynn Pillott, Volcano Market and all our wonderful anonymous donors. Here’s looking at you folks. We thank you, each and every one of you from the bottom of our loony little hearts.

    It's business time!
  • Marlon Williams sings songs for the Loons


    Wednesday 23 December
    Gustav’s, The Tannery
    $40pp plus booking fee.
    Sales close 31 October.

    Lyttelton songwriter Marlon Williams returns home to play one special show to raise money for the Loons. Don't hang around if you want to see this show. It’s an intimate venue and ticket sales close on 31 October (although the way these are selling they'll all be gone this week!). No door sales.

    Grab your tickets here before they sell out >

    Marlon Williams sings songs for the Loons
  • Darryl is stoked!


    Darryl is stoked!
  • Almost at $27,000!


    This is Darryl looking stoked to see the new theatre building take shape at the very same time as all you amazing people are giving so generously to help pay for the seating in side. THANK YOU to everyone who has given so far. A particularly big shout out to the Cribbys, the Findlay family, the Stanaway family and Darryn Harris for giving $1,000 each. Between you all you got us a whole $5,000 closer to our goal!

  • We're feeling fruity


    Darryl will be getting his fruit on every Saturday in October at the Lyttelton Farmer's market selling real fruit ice cream to raise money for the new Lyttelton Theatre.

    Come along, buy an ice cream, find out more about the new theatre and Loons in Schools and donate some money to the new theatre, because we're Begging for it, and we've only got 34 days to hit target, or we don't get a cent.

    We're feeling fruity
  • We're so feeling the love right now


    Thanks to an extraordinarily generous anonymous donor who just donated $6,000 we are now 20% of the way to our target. Thank you for such a generous gift, and thank you all for helping bring live theatre back to Lyttelton!

    We're so feeling the love right now
  • Win a house concert from The Eastern


    You could win a private concert from The Eastern on December 3. Amazing non? Raffle tickets only $10 and on sale at all Loons events, Henry Trading - Lyttelton and God Save the Queen! on London Street, Lyttelton.

    Win a house concert from The Eastern
  • 10%! Ten percent. One tenth of the way there!


    Woo hooo! We just hit 10% of target, and we’re over $7,600! We only need 891 people to donate $70 and we’ve hit target. Keep it coming you wonderful people you.
    It’s time for another big shout out to all the wonderful people who are bringing live theatre back to Lyttelton and supporting Loons in Schools. David Minifie, Morrin Rout, Laura Keddell, Linda Harbord, Grant Boore, Rebecca Wright, Paul Dallimore, Trent Hiles, Garry Thomas, Alma Rae, Fiona Farrell, Thomas Monckton, Barbara Kivi, Karol London, Steven Carpinter, Mary Monckton, AJ Hickling, Tracey Ower, Naomi van den Broek, Anna Roger, The Bennett Family, The van Beynen Family, Bill Abrams, Georgia Clark, Cheryl Lucas, Sharon English, Audrey Baldwin, Abi Watts, Mark Harris, Ruth Heins, Neave Willoughby, Ruth Dyson, Anne Zwart, Duncan Wilcox, Kim Hickford, David Pilbrow, Ashleigh Flynn, Kaylene Worrall and all those gorgeous anonymous donors. We Loon you, we really really do!

    10%! Ten percent. One tenth of the way there!
  • You gave us $5,000!


    Thank you all so much! Here's to the next $5,000. Keep that lovely Loony Love rolling our way, we need all the help we can get if we're going to make $70,000 in 40 days.

    You gave us $5,000!
  • What a first day!


    Well what a first day! 27 donors and we've got over $3,000 in the pot already. Thank you to the 27 incredibly generous seed donors who got the party started. Wayne Turp, May Bryant, Annie Horgan, Ken Livingston, Janet Blackman, Owen Evans, Malcolm McClurg, Elizabeth Davidson, Frances from Governors Bay, Brett Brown, Kate Ricketts, Anke Richter, John Power, David Mitchell, Ciaran Fox, Joe Bennett, Gemma Syme, Gill Hay, and our nine generous friends who wish to remain anonymous. We salute you. Thank you so much.