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Back of the Bus goes to Edinburgh

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Java Dance goes to the Edinburgh Fringe in August with Back of the Bus, a dance show on a moving bus. The incredible success of the show in NZ and Australia has attracted Creative NZ support to take Java to Scotland.

Double-decker Scottish buses cost that bit more and with your help we're confident of raising our target.

Back of the Bus is a magical tour of the unexpected combining physical comedy, kinetic energy and outrageous scenarios. Dancers propel themselves down the aisles and hang from the roof on a bus ride through Edinburgh.

11 Australasian arts festivals, 5 stars and top 5 best reviewed show ranking in Adelaide.

The wheels of this campaign are already rolling. Your support large or small will make a real difference. Please donate generously. We've got a month to get there.


  • The Wine Project Comes to Circa Theatre


    Happy 2016 everyone!

    It has been great to get back into the studio after a delightful summer break. Following on from a fabulous 2015, including a tour of Back of the Bus to the UK (a direct result of our Edinburgh season -Thanks everyone!!!), premiering and touring The Wine Project and taking Dirt and Other Delicious Ingredients to Perth, we are now finally home to present The Wine Project at Circa Theatre from 3-14th February Come and have a wine with us after the show or enjoy the pre-show wine tasting. Plus we have an announcement to make on opening night about our future plans. What a great way to start 2016!  

    The Wine Project Comes to Circa Theatre
  • Lauren loves the Red Bus


    Only 4 days until we open and we are loving rehearsing on the Red Bus. We're delighted that we have sold 610 tickets before we have even begun. Thanks again for your support and for the bus!

    Lauren loves the Red Bus
  • Tickets are selling well!


    The Edinburgh Fringe is coming up fast and we are delighted that we've sold half the season out already. Even with 34 shows! It's excioting that so many people want to catch the bus in the super competitive environment of 3100 shows. Thanks again for all your support. Here is a picture of the beautiful big red bus you boosted us on to.

    Tickets are selling well!
  • Leaving on a jet plane


    We have just returned from our south island schools tour with lots of children's chuckles still ringing in our ears.

    Thanks to all of you Edinburgh is now coming up and we are super excited!

    Spread the word to any Scots you know to jump on the dancing bus.

    In just 2 weeks I (Sacha) leave for the UK to choreograph a commission on a tram in Nottingham before researching our new project 'The Wine Project' through a residency in Burgundy France with thanks to the support of the Dorothy Daniels Foundation. Then Lauren and Demi-Jo arrive in Edinburgh and we jump on the big red bus you have helped bring into reality.

    Well I better get back to the preparations! There's a lot to do and time is of the essence.

    Thanks again and we'll keep you updated with how our adventures at the biggest arts festival on earth progress.... 

  • We made it!!!


    What an incredible feeling! Thanks so much to all you 105 fabulous supporters who have Boosted us and everyone who has helped along the way. We will do you proud in Edinburgh. You are amazing and we are one excited dance company!!!

    We made it!!!
  • 15 hours to go! 93% there. 7% to go!!!


    What a roller coaster ride! Just 15 hours to go and we are almost there thanks to our incredible 80 donors! So close. The clock is ticking...

    15 hours to go! 93% there. 7% to go!!!
  • We just hit 90%!


    We just hit 90%!
  • 1 day to go before our 24 hour countdown begins


    We are at 87% with 1 day to go!

    As we head towards the 24 hour countdown we are also madly packing for our South Island Schools Tour. Lucky for us these lovely NZ School of Dance students have helped us out with a bus stop ballet photo today.

    Every bit helps! BOOST Java to Edinburgh!!!

    1 day to go before our 24 hour countdown begins
  • So very close. 2 days and 85% closer to Edinburgh


    What an incredible week this has been! We now just have 15% and 2 days to go. We've been absoulutely swept away by everyone's generousity.

    Today's photo is of Phil the bus driver, one of the many incredible drivers we've had over the years. A big shout out to Gerard Cooper too (who is hard to catch in a photo), our first  ever driver back in 2008 and logistics adviser ever since!

    Thanks also to the ever amazing Go Wellington!



    So very close. 2 days and 85% closer to Edinburgh
  • Wow! We are at 77% with 3 days to go!!!


    You are all amazing! Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far. We are so delighted to be at 77% and we are dancing up a storm (quite literally in Wellington) to get to 100%.

    Since we are getting closer to our Red Bus I thought I'd post a picture!

    23% and 3 days to go!!!

    Wow! We are at 77% with 3 days to go!!!
  • 36% and 4 days to go!!!!


    Delighted that we are up to 64% over night. 4 Days to go!

    Here is a picture of Demi-Jo waiting at the bus stop. Help her get all the way to Edinburgh!!!

    Over the next 4 days we are going to take pictures of as many people dancing at bus-stops as possible, to inspire people to.......BOOST Java to Edinburgh!

    36% and 4 days to go!!!!
  • 5 days to go!


    Thanks for your support! Every bit helps big or small. Tell your friends it's time to BOOST Java to Edinburgh. We're ready to dance our hearts out on the big red bus in Edinburgh!

    Now is the hour!

    5 days to go!
  • Help make the Scottish smile!


    Thanks to those who donated today!

    We'd love to bring some smiles to some Scottish faces.

    6 days to go.

    It's time to act! and dance of course...

    Help make the Scottish smile!
  • The Countdown begins!


    Thanks so much for all your amazing support so far! We're over half way there but it's time to pull out all the stops. 7 days to go!
     The dancers have their fluro jackets on and they are ready for action.

    BOOST Java to Edinburgh!

    The Countdown begins!

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