Holly Sanders

Baby Blues - Short Film

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Baby Blues is a short film about a young mothers quest to overcome her fears and hayfever to love her pot plant baby.

When Marigold gives birth to her first child she never expected it to be a pot plant. Her overbearing husband, Clay, is unable to fathom the difficulties that Marigold is going through. Alone with no one who understands her, can Marigold love her pot plant baby? If you fund us ... you'll find out!!!!

Our names are Natalie and Hollie, and we are in our final year of university studying film, television and screen production. 

We're making this film because we LOVE filming and want to turn this idea into a reality. Bonus: our university assignment requires us to create a short film, so we are kind of killing two birds with one stone here! But we can't make this film without your help...

Luckily we already have filming gear, but there are so many extra expenses associated with a film that we're counting on your generous donations to hit the ground running.

Thanks for your support!