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Audio Described Performance of Mother Goose - The Pantomime

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Circa Theatre aims to make our theatre accessible for everyone, and part of that mandate is providing audio described performances. Audio description is the method of describing the non-verbal action in a play into headsets worn by blind and visually impaired audience members, so that they can have as complete a theatre experience as possible. Circa has presented two audio described performances before, in 2011 and 2012, and we would like to continue with this momentum.

Circa would like to audio describe the performance of Mother Goose - The Pantomime on Sunday, 15 December. This will be the first play we audio describe that is suitable for children as well as adults. The cost of hiring the equipment and the audio describer (who puts in hours of work before the actual performance) is too great for Circa's limited budget. We will therefore need to raise the $1500 required to make this performance happen.

Please help if you can!

Circa's pantomimes have been a Christmas tradition for the last nine years - a fun theatre treat for the whole family. The season of Mother Goose at Circa is the World Premiere of a brand new pantomime, and is sure to be a good time!

Mother Goose - The Pantomime

Written by: Michele Amas
Songs by Paul Jenden and Music by Gareth Farr
Directed by: Susan Wilson
Circa One
16 November − 22 December

A Golden Egg of a show - Mother Goose is well worth a gander! These Christmas holidays join Mother Goose and her friends on a flight of fantasy in an unmissable pantomime adventure. Mother Goose hits the jackpot when Lucy the goose starts laying golden eggs. But it's not enough for her to just feather her own nest - she wants youth, beauty and a total makeover as well. With an abundance of fun, comedy, costume and songs, Mother Goose is a must-see crackin' eggs-trava-gander of a Panto!

The season of Mother Goose is dedicated to the memory of Paul Jenden.


  • Thank you!


    Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project! We are excited to present the Audio Desccribed performance of Mother Goose on 15 December and are well on our way to having the funding for another in 2014!

  • Wow, 100%!!


    Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to this project and helped us reach our goal in just 5 days. We are so grateful for your genorosity and so pleased that this performance will go forward without a hitch!

    There are still 25 days to go on this campaign and we are still collecting - anything raised from here on out will go towards another audio described performance to happen sometime in 2014!

    Thank you again for your support!

    The Team at Circa

  • Thank you - 82% already!


    Thank you so much to all of the very generous people who have donated to this project so far - we've reached 82% of our goal in just 4 days!

    We still have a little way to go, but feel confident that with the continued help of people like you, we will get there.

    And we'd like to announce that any amount we receive over and above our goal will go towards future audio described performances. Mother Goose will be the third play we've audio described and we'd like to continue to provide at least one a year (with the ultimate goal of someday becoming financially able to offer them even more frequently!). Any assistance towards these performances becoming regular occurrences at Circa will be gratefully appreciated.

    Thank you again!

    The Team at Circa

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