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Asian Men Talk About Sex

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Does race play a factor when you're on tinder, checking someone out on the streets or trying to get lucky on a Saturday night?

Meet our friends and family members. They're Asian dudes. They have sex. They think about sex. They're talking about sex on camera.

Why? Sex is a wild, intimate, awkward and ultimately universal experience that has been stolen from Asian men on our screens. White washing and stereotyping in film often creates a mainstream media that sidelines stories from minority groups. It's rare to see Asian men on screen just being themselves.

We are delving deep and talking dirty to Asian Men in New Zealand to flip the script. These are their experiences, perspectives and stories on sex and dating.

It will be funny, wild, intimate and a little bit awkward. Much like sex.

Help us lift the lid on race and sexual preference as we show the side of Asian men we seldom get to see - the sexy side.

Asian Men Talk About Sex has been selected by the Loading Docs Initiative, an incredible launch pad for NZ filmmakers. Because they wanted to see this film get made too, Loading Docs, along with princpal partner NZ on Air, the New Zealand Film Commision, and Te Mangai Paho, have started us out with an awesome $4,000 dollars. However, we don't get that money unless we can reach our Boosted campaign goal of $2000. When we reach our goal, the filming can finally begin!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our project's profile. Every little bit will help us in telling this story in the best way possible and we greatly appreciate your support! 

The team

DIRECTOR: Chye-Ling Huang

Chye-Ling is an emerging writer and creative who made a splash recently with her original play Call of the Sparrows which was backed by CNZ and Foundation North for a fully funded season at the Herald in 2016. Co-founder of Proudly Asian Theatre (PAT), she has driven three successful theatre productions under PAT and is commissioned by Silo Theatre for her original work Black Tree Bridge. Recently she won Playmarket's 'Asian Ink' for her new script Orientation, which deconstructs the sexual stereotypes of Asian men. This will be her first venture into film. Her strong visual flair and otherworldly narratives makes her one of the most exciting new voices in the creative scene. Chye-Ling is driven to uplift Asian voices in the media.

PRODUCER: Kelly Gilbride

Kelly Gilbride graduated with a degree in Performing Arts (Acting Major) from Unitec in 2013. Currently she works as a producer at Pop-up Globe. She is dedicated to working on art projects that inspire insight and change. In 2015 she joined Proudly Asian Theatre as Creative Producer for Call of the Sparrows and has loved working with beautiful, intelligent people such as Chye-Ling Huang, Ruby Reihana-Wilson and James Roque. This will be Kelly's first time producing for film.

PRODUCER: Ruby Reihana-Wilson

Ruby has had a exciting and varied career in theatre and film. Graduating from Unitec School of Performing Arts in 2010 with a Diploma in Performance Technology, Ruby embarked on full time work as a lighting designer and technician, with these formative years leading her by chance into the exciting world of film. She started in art department and has since moved up and onwards into production, producing her first feature film Talk: A Portmanteau in 2013. It won 'Best Visual Arts' at the Auckland Fringe Festival that year.

Ruby now works as a full time production manager at Monster Valley, a creative production agency in Auckland. Recent projects include production management, casting and first assistant directing In Pursuit of Venus by Lisa Reihana, which will be exhibiting at the 2017 Venice Bienale. Ruby has just completed production managing 2016's Budweiser beer advertising campaign with Monster Valley, and is in pre-production for another Fresh 10 short, Baby? By Mark and Marion Prebble, which will be shooting in late February.


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