Wesley john Fourie

Art show in Japan from across a body of water and other floating objects

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Hi there!

My name is Wesley John Fourie  and I am a New Zealand  artist currently in Nepal on a artist residency. I have spent the past five months in India and Nepal making art, and a gallery on Sado Island, Japan is interested in showing the work I have made across six months in artist residencies on the Indian Subcontinent in January. I am hoping to crowdfund to help me exhibit this work in Japan, as after the residencies I am very close to broke- but hope to further expand the audience of this work. 

The central piece of the installation (from across a body of water)  is a (upon completion) 20 meter long hand knit carpet (at present it is 13 meters), which details my journey across the Pacific to the indian subcontinent, colour coding each place I have been to. The installation also includes drawings and knitted landscapes I have made across the Indian subcontinent. During this time, I have also conducted workshops on various knitting techniques, and hope during my installation in Japan I will be able to host another workshop, as I am passionate about preserving traditional techniques and expanding the audience of such techniques into a fine art audience. 

This project is a part of a larger plan that I have for 2020, which includes an artist residency in Russia, as well as another residency in Vietnam, where I will be finger knitting the height of Russia's tallest mountain (Elbrus), as well as Vietnam's tallest mountain (Fansipan). 

I am interested in expanding relations between New Zealand and Asia, and it is for this reason I am pursuing these projects in these locations. 

A little bit about me: I am a queer artist who spends half of my life on the Milford track in Fiordland National Park, as I am lucky enough to work there during the great walks season. This has served as a great source of inspiration for my art, and the past two years living here has allowed me to deepen my spiritual relationship with nature. I have recently made the decision that in April, I would like to spend a full year deepening my art practice, by becoming a full time artist. I hope and believe that by being open and honest about my passions and goals, that people will want to support me. 

At my current artist residency in Nepal, I am assembling a small, limited edition book, titled "eternal sunshine, sacred mountains", which details my six months spent across India and Nepal, and each person who pledges more than $150 to this project will be entitled to a copy of this book.Those who pledge $100 will be entitled to a signed print of one of my drawings, and each and every single donor will receive a hand written letter offering my eternal gratitude in helping my realize my goal of being a full time artist. 

If you're interested in seeing my work, and what will be on show in Japan, please visit my website at www.wesleyjohnfourie.com and to see what six months of work across India and Nepal looks like, please click the blog link "eternal sunshine, sacred mountains"