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Art Murmurs is a website founded in October 2015. At Art Murmurs we are dedicated to providing reviews and responses to Wellington Art that are local, honest and constructive.

As an organisation, we strive towards critique which both fair and useful, to better create a conversation between artist, critics and the community.

We are raising money to cover the maintenance costs of our organisation for the next 8 month period. This includes the recent redesign of the website, the cost of a domain licensing, the development and production of the logo, registration as a non-profit entity as well as being able to provide an honorarium for members of staff who put in considerable effort around festival time.

If you are interested in our website, we would be greatful for any donation you could make. Art Murmurs is still a young website, but has published over 80 reviews and counting in its short lifespan. Being able to cover these upkeep and establishing costs will allow us to better platform for further fundraising to help us to become sustainable in future years.



  • Across the line!


    From everyone at Art Murmurs, thank you so much for your contributions. With your support we are in an excellent position to invest in the long term sustainability of the website.

    Over the next few weeks we will be updating the website, so watch our Facebook Page and website for upcoming changes and projects.

    Once more, thank you for your support.

    Art Murmurs

  • 3 Days to go!


    The Arts Murmurs team would like to give a massive thanks to all of our supporters who have contributed so far. Having you behind has been a great boost for us to know we have a community behind us, however we have a way to go over the next 72 hours if we are to make our target.

    If you wanted to help us further, you could help us spread the word. Talk to your friends, family, collaboartors, conspiritors and co-workers. This could be done over social media, or even over the watercooler at your place of occupation.

    We want to grow Art Murmurs into something which can fill the gap of accessible and constructive Arts critique and help our community come together to talk about the way we talk about art. Lets do this!