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Get STEEP STReeT to Art Islands Tokyo 2017! We would be so grateful to receive support to fund this amazing opportunity.

STeeP STREET AKA Murdabike, AKA ISO12, AKA Rachel Blackburn & Jason Aldridge have been invited to participate at Art Islands Tokyo 2017! This is an international and contemporary artist residency and exhibition that runs from August 21 - September 2. 

The event is held on Islands Oshima and Niijima off the coast of Tokyo, and involves 28 artists who are mainly Japanese and a few international, including us.

We will be bringing our Steep Street styles and creating a textile art installation with the use of print design and colour to explores themes of the sun in the northern hemisphere.  We will also be doing a music/sound and light performance as Murdabike. 

This is an amazing opportunity for us that will inspire and influence our art practice for times to come! We find a lot of parallels in our Steep Street style and Japanese popular culture. We are also fascinated by the rich history of Japanese textiles.

We cannot fund this whole opportunity ourselves so we are reaching out for support. The money that is generously donated will help pay for our flights, artist materials, and some travel expenses. 

Thank you so much to our donors!!!! We can't wait to get to Japan with your support. We will be uploading pictures to Facebook and Instagram, and really looking forward to sharing our amazing experience with you!!! 

Rachel & Iso 


You can find out more about Art Islands here:

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