Art in the Dark

Art in the Dark 2014

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Art in the Dark is a free event that we put on every year for the public to enjoy, well, Art.. in the Dark!

Its a labour of love, pulled together by a close knit team of friends who have been working on the event for the past five years. We're astounded by the incredible support we get from the community and how much Auckland loves us - this year we're expecting over 50,000 people to come and marvel at the works our enterprising artists have created.

And here's the thing: because so many people are coming, we've had to expand Art in the Dark to be over four nights this year, so that everyone can enjoy it comfortably.

This means that everything we've hired and organised needs to stay up for an extra night. Generators, cables, lights, AV equipment, sound, security - the whole shebang. And that costs money! 

So please help us. Share this post, turn up with some delicious snacks at the park for our wonderful volunteers, or donate a few bucks to the cause. We will love you forever.

Thank you!

PS. Wanna meet the team? Visit our Facebook page to meet our organisers, artists and techies. They're all adorable.