The Creators'Room

Art Exhibition: Uncovering Hidden Talent

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We're saving school students art from the skip. The final countdown is on for our inaugural art exhibition being held in Christchurch's CBD this May.

We are well aware of the incredible artwork that is created at a school level and, more often than not, these student art folios filled with fabulous works end up either in a deep, dark corner of their parents' garage or in the skip.

The Creators' Room is a new organisation, founded in July 2018 by the pair of us, Charlotte Sherratt and Sophie Paterson. The initiative aims to provide Senior Visual Artist students (Year 11-13) with a platform to sell their works and be recognised for their talents.

More than 1,280 artworks from 16 Christchurch secondary schools were submitted to our selection panel last year, with Riccarton High School student Emma Patmore taking out the top scholarship prize of $3,000.

50 student finalists make up The Creators' Room collection for our 2019 exhibition. They will exhibit alongside 20 guest artists from around Canterbury including work by Amelia Guild, Ben Reid, Mark Soltero, Rebecca Stewart, Sarah Anderson, Michelle Lawrence, Kate and Phoebe Senior, Kate Rivers and Anneke Stewart. There will be approximately 130 works in total exhibited with prices ranging from $200 - $800 for the students works.

The online gallery going live in May ( will be selling limited edition prints of the students work.

We are on a mission to connect these creators with collectors and help dispel some of the barriers for young artists, such as lack of confidence, funds, and knowledge of how to market themselves in the early days of creating. To do this we fund the framing of the original works for exhibition and the reproduction of limited edition prints.

We are seeking funding to help cover some of the scary costs of the exhibition including the venue, installation costs, display wall hire and event marketing.

The exhibtion is being held from May 23-26 in the iconic Deloitte Building, Level 1, 151 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch.