Hannah Brown & Henry Donald


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ART-CHIC is a unique short film about Margot Pointer, an eccentric 17-year-old and world famous painter, who returns home to New Zealand from Paris to discover that her estranged mother is terminally ill.

The story follows Margot's emotional journey as she attempts to reconnect with her mother and her past. This is made all the more difficult by the constant surveillance of a particularly relentless news reporter. The style of this film is inspired by the likes of Submarine, The Royal Tenenbaums and Lady Bird.

With an all star cast including:

Mirabai Pease
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Tom Sainsbury
Jess Sayer

Our names are Henry Donald (Director) and Hannah Brown (Producer). We are making this film as our final project for our Bachelor of Communications degree at AUT. This film is so important to us. It's more than just a grade or an assignment - it is hopefully the start of our careers in the industry. It will also be a great opportunity for all the crew involved, most of whom are fellow students.

We are both passionate about writing and making films and have done numerous short films, 48hour film challenges and scripts together. Henry has also recently worked on the feature film Guns Akimbo and Dead in the camera department, gaining key on set experience that will be immensely helpful in the production of this short.

We need your support in order to make this short film the best it can be!

Your funding would go towards the cost of renting high-quality camera and sound equipment, costume and makeup, and catering for our cast and crew. Any money raised above our goal will be used for festival submissions once our film is complete.

If you want to and are able to donate, please donate! We'd appreciate your support in any way.

Note: NZ income earners qualify for a 33% tax credit on their donations from the IRD on donations over $5.

Thank you so much,
Hannah and Henry :)

(Photo of Mirabai Pease taken by the fantastic Alex Hyner)

(Music in the video is by the wonderful Alex Hunter, who is also doing the soundtrack for the film!)