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Arrowtown Spring Arts Festival - 17th-20th September 2015

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The Arrowtown Spring Arts Festival is a brand new event being held from Thursday 17th September to Sunday 20th September. It will engage the Arrowtown and artistic community in a wide range of arts-based workshops and showcase our wonderful local artists.  

There is an amazing array of talented local artists across a wide range of mediums who are workshopping skills for participants. Our hope that is every participant will take away a new love for creating art pieces.  This could be in the form of visual art, literary art  or music.    

With your support, your donations, we can get this festival leaping into the Arrowtown calendar and strengthen our artistic talents. 

With over 50 workshops, talks and tours there is something for everyone.  The festival is aimed at adults with a small selection of kids based workshops.

We think Sir Michael Hill quote sums up it up perfectly "If people are aware of art by physically seeing and touching it, it tweaks the senses and creates out of the box solutions to all sorts of things. Love it or hate it, art stimulates thought and creativity.''

We believe the Arrowtown Spring Arts Festival is the perfect way to get anyone started on being creativity. Donate, come along and be part of the fun.



Arrow Events has 20 years experience of running non profit community events and this one ticks all the boxes for becoming a yearly event that can continue to grow and showcase local artists while getting everyone involved in the Arts.   Everyone needs some form of Art in their lives! Go to to find out about all the workshops, talks and tour  that are taking place and come along and get creative!




  • Arrowtown Spring Arts Festival


  • Arrowtown Spring Arts Festival Website link


    Arrowtown Spring Arts Festival Website link
  • Arrowtown Spring Arts Festival


    Arrowtown Spring Arts Festival