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We're raising money for Applause.

The Arts Foundation recognises and acknowledges New Zealand's finest artists. With over 140 recipients of awards, we are very grateful to be able to call many of our highest achieving artists friends. We are a patrons organisation. We connect the ambitions of donors wanting to grow the arts in New Zealand with artists. We are also proud to be friends with many prolific and committed donors to the arts.  Applause tells these stories.

Since 2000, the Arts Foundation has been delving into the worlds of artists and philanthropists at events and through its publications. Annually (and sometimes biannually) we have produced a broadsheet publication called ApplauseApplause has been very popular, and its format helped set the standard for other organisational newsletters when it was re-launched in 2002.

Applause has not been published since the economic downturn, but we want to bring the publication back and hope you can lend a helping hand. We already have fantastic support to produce Applause, but need a little more help to cover the hard costs associated with printing.

We are re-launching Applause following the establishment of our partnership with Macquarie Private Wealth New Zealand as Principal Partner. We have extraordinary support from Strategy Design and Advertising who are donating the design cost of Applause.  We are also grateful to Southern Trust for a grant that will cover the cost of mailing Applause to every high school throughout New Zealand.

We mail Applause to over 8,000 households; make sure you register with the Arts Foundation to receive your copy.

This year's edition features Icon Dame Gillian Weir, Laureates Jenny Bornholdt and Gregory O'Brien, New Generation recipient Cameron McMillian and a special three page essay from Kate De Goldi about post-earthquake Christchurch as seen through the eyes of Christchurch Award recipients.

Thanks to all our donors in advance! 


  • Applause 2015 sneak preview!


    For all our wonderful donors to the Applause fundraiser in 2013 we are releasing this very special preview of the latest Applause cover.

    In the 2015 issue of Applause, we introduce you to this year's Arts Foundation award recipients. You'll also find exclusive interviews with prior recipients Neil Ieremia and Anna Leese, and a fancy pull-out section all about Boosted and crowdfunding for the arts.

    Simon Bowden takes a look into the future, sharing his thoughts on the future of philanthropy in the arts, and a look into the past, with a historical photo essay including some of his fondest memories during his 13 years at the helm.

    Applause is in the post this week. If you don't receive a copy, then we probably don't have your mailing address. Would you like to supply us with one? Send us an email.

    Applause 2015 sneak preview!
  • Thank you!


    We are very grateful for your support towards 'Applause' and for helping us reach our funding goal.

    Thank you very much for your donation.
    Thanks also to Strategy Design and Advertising and Southern Trust for their direct support of 'Applause', which is being re-launched following the establishment of our partnership with Macquarie Private Wealth New Zealand.

    I'm sure you are registered with the Arts Foundation and will receive a copy of 'Applause' in the mail, if not, do email to have a copy mailed to you.

    Thanks again,

    The Arts Foundation Team.

    Thank you!
  • Auckland launch party!


    Wow!!! We are 91% funded. Thank you thank you thank you to our wonderful donors to 'Applause'. We have signed off the print proofs and sent 'Applause' to the printers. It's looking great and we can't wait to share it with you.

    If you are in Auckland on Thursday May 16, we hope you will join us at Strategy Design and Advertising from 6pm to celebrate the re-launch of 'Applause'. You'll also be the first  to get a copy.

    Thursday, May 16
    2/26 Putiki Street, Arch Hill, Grey Lynn

    The image below (or on our project page if you are viewing in email) is from the front cover and features Budi Putra in a Gamelon Boosted project. Photo by Image Services, Victoria University of Wellington

    Auckland launch party!
  • Unreal Estate


    Thanks so much to all our wonderful donors - we are at the magical 33% mark. This is a great place to be with a week to go as most projects that get this far do make it to their goal. You have done the hard work to start the momentum.

    In this issue of 'Applause' there is an article by Kate De Goldi about Christchurch. This features the impact of the earthquake on Christchurch-based Arts Foundation awarded artists Neil Dawson, Tony de Lautour, Julia Morison and Sir Miles Warren. We look forward to sharing the article with you.

    The image below (or on our boosted page, if you are reading this in an email) is a Tony de Lautour work from a publication called 'Unreal Estate 2012', A Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu Outer Space Project.

    Thanks again for your support. Help spread the word so we reach our goal.

    Unreal Estate
  • Greg and Jen


    In the up and coming issue of Applause there is an article about our first husband and wife Laureates, Jenny Bornholdt and Gregory O'Brien. The article is accompanied by the below image (by Matt Grace) taken in front of the shed which Jen spent some of her Laureate Award building as a place to write in.

    We asked Greg and Jen to hide some items when this photograph was taken. Can you spot them? Send us the answer to these questions to be in to win two books of poetry, one Greg and one from Jen.

    1.What's that little statuette keeping the door open, should there be two? (bonus points for naming the artist that made it)
    2.Greg traveled to an Island with Robin White (Greg thinks the island should be named after her) and gave Jen a painting of a jug in front of the Island (left inside door), what's the name of the Island?
    3.In 2005 a well-known poet and teacher of Jen's received a Laureate Award. This poet gave Greg and Jen the Wallin Elliott sculpture of the couple in embrace as a wedding gift. Which Laureate gave them the gift?

    Email your answers by May 13 to
    We will announce the winners when the Boosted campaign closes on May 17.

    Greg and Jen

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New Zealand artists are loved around the world, so much so that people are willing to dig deep to support them. We, at the Arts Foundation, think this is great. Being able to give a little, or a lot, means anyone and everyone can be involved in the arts.

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