The Rangimoekaus

Animated Short Film - The Rangimoekaus

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Kia ora cuzzies! Cheers for jumping on our waka so we can paddle to Australia in August 2014. Our short film THE RANGIMOEKAUS is screening 21 August (Sydney) and 28 August (Brisbane). 


We're raising funds for 3 of our 30 production crew to head to Oz to represent our cool new Kiwi cartoon animated film THE RANGIMOEKAUS.

The awesome thing is....we have the FIRST 3D Maori animated short film ever - tumeke!

We 're screening with other Maori films selected to screen in Australia as part of KIA ORA Shorts - curated as part of the Wairoa Maori film festival. Visit

If we hit our target of $1,500 then awesome! If we get more then it will go towards our trip to Tahiti in April 2015!

The Rangimoekaus means sleeping sky cows so it is a fun Maori quirky and intriguing name.. just like our cool cuzzies.

Shout out to all youth/rangatahi crazy teenagers - this cartoon is about you! Give us your putea, coins, and cash - help get us to Oz YeeAHH!

We're bringing girl power to cartoon animation and mixing our unique Kiwi humour and Maori humour together on the marae.

We're also all about a smoke free NZ and getting the word out in a cool cartoon animation.

We'd love a TV series or web series some day soon and look forward to taking these crazy cuzzies to new places around the world.

Please spread the word on you Facebook page and send it out to cuzzies all over - jump on board our waka and donate to see our film in Australia  - RAWE!

Kia pai to ra  - have a great day!