Jenny McArthur

An Echo in Edinburgh

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"Jen McArthur presents a beautiful multifaceted character."  Rip It Up, Adelaide

"Her embodiment of the character is a joy to experience."  Theatreview, Auckland

"this is a world-class physical theatre comic."  Theatreview, Wellington


Kia ora koutou!

My name is Jen McArthur and I am a physical theatre performer and maker from Wellington, NZ. An amazing international opportunity has come my way and you can help make it happen!

On the back of great reviews and my performances at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in March, I have been invited by C Venues in Edinburgh to perform my solo show Echolaliain their Aquila theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August.  As its the other side of the world and there are no CNZ funds for fringe festivals - I need your help to get there!

About Echo

My journey with this show and character (Echo) began two years ago. I had been working with autistic children on a school holiday programme and was delighted and intrigued by their directness and seeming inadherence to what is commonly thought of as politeness. I began to think that their perspective could give us a lot of insight into our established norms of social behaviour. With further research I began to learn the realities - both wonderful and heart breaking - for this section of our population and the ways in which more understanding from society could greatly help them in living an enjoyable life. I felt that putting this perspective on stage had the potential to benefit everybody and could make a good show.

My season at the NZ Fringe in 2012 received the Best Solo Show award and then shared Best in Theatre and Best in the Fringe at the Dunedin Fringe.

About Edinburgh 

During a season earlier this year at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Echolalia was seen by various international festival producers and offered a slot in a respected venue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As the largest Fringe Festival in the world 5 times over, it is extremely competitive to get a good venue. It is also one of the biggest and best arts markets in the world. Edinburgh is a launching pad for international touring. This is a remarkable chance for a work from New Zealand to be seen by an international audience (and create opportunities for a starving NZ artist!).

About me

My training is in contemporary dance, physical theatre and clown and my passion is in using physical skills and comedy to tell relevant stories. I have studied in NZ, Australia and England and learnt from Italians. Through my travels and studies I met some like minds in the Kallo Collective (, and joined them in 2011. This company has developed a unique style of theatre and physical comedy drawing from the masters, Chaplin and Keaton, and adds a contemporary twist.

Public Sponsorship Opportunity!

Unfortunately there are no current Creative New Zealand funding programs to attend Fringe Festivals and so this opportunity has to be realised from the ground up.

I have managed to save and borrow $8,000 so far, which covers airfares, publicity and producing costs, accommodation and a living allowance for the month, but I am still short of $4500 to cover my venue hire.

YOU can make this happen! Every little bit counts - be it 45 people giving $100 or 450 giving $10.

Donors will receive regular updates from Edinburgh and are welcome to attend any rehearsals before I head off.  I will also have seasons in Wellington and Christchurch on my return in September/October.

I encourage you not to be anonymous! I would love to thank you personally and keep you informed of any news or shows (emails guaranteed to be kept to a minimum :)


Many thanks and arohanui!